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Something's not right. I've never heard of a professor not not particularly one in the n._f._l. That would give up that kind of leverage. I've never heard of it ever. Ask you fill out. I really is completely family of five. We'll never find out never wanna we'll find out. Trust me trust this. This is two thousand nineteen baby. Everything comes home. There's always somebody singing don't ever get i said that might not be they might not be the mall might not that'd be a week two weeks from now but eventually we will know that you this is how it goes like. I told you i was an inside on the n._b._a. I i still am the some degree but i mean my lord. I lived it for years. All i did was no who who who people's enemies you find folks soft spot and you squeeze squeeze. I got that line mission boss you find somebody so spot and you squeeze and these folks in professional sports. They got into all over replace. All you gotta do is find out who they are. Now found out who's connected and who don't who don't like and then you go to the person that don't like that person and and he'll get you all the goods. It's very easy especially in a world where agents exist. It's not at all no doug you lava steven stephen a. It just came across it a._b. Is going to play in denver sunday night. That's i mean how how do you feel about that. I i think gruden is we. It looks weak as hell. I'm not gonna say he is because that's characters. That's the nation and i and i don't feel that way. I'm actually very fond of jon gruden but what i because of the work that he did here at the f. nine years covering monday night football he was outstanding but let me be very very clear. This situation has whole handling of antonio brown. He looks pathetically weak no question about it. You're one hundred million dollar man. You got eighteen million in additional bonuses. I mean gruden's tenure in oakland more secure than any player any player uh-huh anybody all right. He has the power to high in fire. He's gotten really got rid of reggie mckenzie the former g._m. Broaden his man mike mayock who had no executive experience experience. He was an analyst on tv. Doing what i'm doing. Okay you know he got rid of amari cooper whose class personified and a number one receiver here here. He got rid of khalil mack the mac daddy okay all right. He's chicago tearing it up and you bring an antonio brown and you can't even suspended suspended for one game when it will give you the owner and you in particular twenty nine million dollars worth of leverage and you can't even do that. Jon gruden gruden looks pathetic and weak in this. I'm not calling him pathetic. I'm not calling 'em week. I'm saying with this particular situation. He looks pathetically weak like he's willing to compromise himself and his own damn man if we want to be honest about it for antonio brown brown and as far as i'm concerned might make you really have no power. It's let me cultivate a relationship with jon gruden. That's it. If i'm a player. Let let me let me be a high end producer and cultivate a relationship with jon gruden and that way might may i i don't even have to deal with you you useless now because jon gruden gruden to make this decision for him to come up to publicly and disrespect him like that and still not even get suspended for game when it would would give you twenty nine point one to five million and leverage assuming that story's true if that's the case for you not to make this is this decision. It's beyond week is beyond week and it shows what oakland ain't going..

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