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This week's headline comes from CNN. And it was posted on August first. Two Thousand Nineteen the headline reads man. Fires a gun in a Kentucky National Park? After he claims he saw bigfoot. Couple SAYS AT S- I duNno weird headline. I think when they do that whole couple says crap at the end but hey I don't work in journalism so I'm sure that's a perfectly acceptable headline. What do I know personally? I would have said something. Like couple claims that a man fired a gun in Kentucky National Park after he saw bigfoot. I don't know that was pretty dumb to anyway. A couple camping at a national park in Kentucky said they were ousted from their tent by a man who told them he had seen a bigfoot. The man said he fired into the darkness after the ape like monster that has never been proven to exist lunged at him the couple told CNN on Wednesday law enforcement rangers with the mammoth cave. National Park responded to the incident involving the camper with the firearm at one of the Parks. Backcountry campsites early. Sunday park spokeswoman Molly Surer said in a statement and that of course would not be this past Sunday but the Sunday before the first in which the article was posted. This statement did not confirm a bigfoot sighting but shorter said no threat remains in the park. Federal regulations prohibit the discharge of a firearm in the National Park. She said Park officials know the identity of the person who allegedly fired a weapon but no charges have been filed Madeline Durand and her Boyfriend Brad. Gin or it might begin. Who reported the incident to park? Rangers said the encounter frightened them and the attention over the alleged sighting of the crypto zoological. Mystery known as bigfoot or SASQUATCH has surprised the Bowling Green Kentucky couple. I was mostly disconcerted about him shooting the gun in the middle of the night without him really seeing anything said. Durand twenty-two Durant said. She was awakened around eleven pm when she heard noises outside their tent. She assumed other campers were being rowdy and drinking. She Woke Jin after a flashlight shined into the tent. We got out of the tent and saw a man who told us their campsite had been destroyed by someone or something said Durand a student at Western Kentucky University. The man who is with his young son showed them his on his hip and told them that the area was popular for bigfoot sightings durant recalled the couple climbed back into their tent as the man walked away to investigate with his son in tow. We heard them coming back about ten minutes later. We heard them yelling. I see it durant. Said she added. We saw the flash from his gun and he shot maybe twenty yards from the site of our tent into the pitch black darkness durant said. She was scared that the gunfire could have struck them. The man with the firearm seemed frightened. Too he told the couple. His hands were shaking. They recalled the guy said he saw bigfoot emerge from the brush and it was coming towards him so shot at it said jinn twenty four who also attends. Western Kentucky University. We shine the flashlight to see if there was an animal or something and there was absolutely nothing. There Durant said once the adrenaline wore off. The couple made jokes about their strange night during their five mile hike. Back to their car and the darkness. We're pretty shocked by how much it's blown up. Jin said the legendary bigfoot is commonly associated with the Pacific northwest but sightings have been reported all over the country and celebrated in Mary North Carolina near the Blue Ridge. Mountains Marion's mayor proclaimed bigfoot. The city's official animal during an inaugural bigfoot festival last September federal records released in July showed the FBI analyzed a sample of alleged bigfoot hairs in the nineteen seventies in the interest of research and scientific inquiry that turned out to be deer hares there are skeptics of the legend of bigfoot. Of course some have even pretended to see the Harry Monster Durant and Jin said their dog a Rhodesian. Ridgeback named Boo didn't react to the alleged sighting. We're not believers durant said. Cnn's Taylor Romney Joshua Gerski and Dakin Adani contributed to this report. So yeah I'm one of these people that want bigfoot to be true but it's more about romanticizing it than anything I. I really like the idea that there's something living out there and is able to remain hidden without science proving that it exists. For some reason. I just find that truly. Just it's just it just tugs at MMA heartstrings. Like a like a little child heartstrings. It just brings the child in me out. I've I've probably mentioned it before. I think I may may have mentioned it in the episode in which we talked about proof. I've been in love with the idea of bigfoot for a long long time when I was a kid back in the seventies like the late seventies early eighties. They used to play on TV every once in a while. One of these is big foot. Real type episodes these special episode event things and they would. They would show that that film. The Patterson Gimlan film from sixty seven. They'd show that over and over and over they would have people try to. Debunk it and people talk about. Why how what? What about? It proves that it's real? We would hear other people talk about their encounters with bigfoot. We would see photographs and more film and video footage all of which has always blurry and grainy an out of focus and as a kid. I just couldn't not watch this stuff. I knew that I would have nightmares for three or four nights following it for some reason I love the idea of bigfoot but the bigfoot idea also scared the crap out of me and gave me nightmares and yet I couldn't stop. I still can't stop. I still try to see some of that. I don't I don't actively seek it out. There's a whole community out there online. Now there's just crap ton of videos and blogs and podcasts and all that stuff and I've tried to dip my toes in that segment of the Internet but it's just it's just too much and nothing. There's so much out there that could be or you know. There's there's another big foot video it's just there's just too much. There's just too much out there and until it when it when stuff hits the news. Then it's that's the kind of stuff I kinda step up and and look at. I don't know why there's just so much out there that you you know that none of it not of it can be true right right and for as a rational person not all of it can be true but the irrational wants me to believe that it is true and then of course there was that show on the Animal Planet Hunting bigfoot or whatever it was called the show that you knew going in each episode that they weren't GonNa find bigfoot. I mean really. What Logical Person Watches that? Show thinking that we're going to see proof of bigfoot by the end of the episode because here's the thing if they had substantial scientific proof of bigfoot on any of those episodes it would hit the news before the episode came out right and so in the end all we got was this dumb show where they go and they would talk to witnesses and literally say. Okay Ma'am so you're telling me that you were standing in this room right here. And bigfoot was looking at you through the window and you're looking I correct and she'd go yes I was and they'd go outside and they'd say that big that windows about nine feet off the ground for her to look at that bigfoot. I you know that big foot would have had to have been nine and a half feet tall. So obviously she saw bigfoot right. How is that obvious? And then they always send the episode going out in the forest banging sticks together and making these loud grunting calls to try to lure bigfoot to them and I always like to imagine that. Bigfoot was up in the hills looking down watching these people on just shaking his head and going humans..

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