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I thought we were going to Have one of those classic Generational. Type football games to talk about. Here on the show tonight and into your Sunday morning. I really did think that I thought Josh Alan and Lamar Jackson. Facing off. I thought it was going to be epic. That was going to be my homes. Golf. Ask a couple of years ago when the Rams were putting up all those points and we thought Jared Goff could be mentioned in the same breath or paragraph is Patrick Mahomes, Remember? Those days. They did not last very long, but they were Out there for a bet, and we did see it on that Monday night. It was a Monday night game that was going to be one of those kind of games. Maybe not quite that high scoring and to have more respect for Buffalo in Baltimore's defense is and they showed us why on Saturday and just it was a weird game. And Bill Stadium. No. Thankfully, 6700 members of the Bills mafia were able to get down there and watch. They mentioned us on the telecast a couple times that though it was again very limited 6700. Some odd people were There. It's still a time sounded like 67,000. People were rocking the stadium. Think a bit hyperbole, but I get the point and I heard the point. Most importantly, it was good. It was a good aesthetic. I liked seeing that I like seeing the fans back at Lambeau is well. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers will host his first NFC championship game at limbo. Lambeau Field. Other Brady a breeze will head to Green Bay next Sunday. That's pretty awesome, and it's even better that fans will safely be able You see that alive? So that was cool to see Saturday night, and it was a cool vibe. It was a cool, but just the game itself very strange. Real defensive struggle. 33 at halftime to Justin Tucker missed field goals, but Here's the headline. The Bills go to their first championship since the 1993 season. They hold the Ravens and the reigning M V P when Mark Jackson to three points. That's it just three points in this one, a dominant defensive showing from Team that We think, Oh bills, Sean McDermott, Their calling card has been defense. True. Davis White Jerry Hughes make Micah Hyde For your Have a great secondary physical guys up front. McDermott, as I mentioned has a defensive background. Yeah, Buffalo cold weather, But it really this year was not that the bills. We're a mediocre defense, and they were led by Josh Allen's Magic. I mean, Josh challenges doing insane things on a weekly basis that would to 37 touchdown passes for him this season. A great year for Josh Alan, that was Really a linchpin of buffalo and Brian table and the system he was able to come up with, but we saw throwback to that stereotype of the bills the way they handled Lamar Jackson the way they dominated the Ravens upfront. All night long, and that's why From the bill's side of things, and we will get to the Ravens. But from the bill's side of things, this win would make me feel better. Then what they did last week against the Colts, which was a great win in Josh Allen was great, and that was fun to watch. And there were highlight throws. And Stefan Diggs was awesome. And Ah, lot of pauses. Take away from that one, too. The bills are hot. I mean, they have not lost since the hell Mary. So there are smoking hot. It's very tempting to pick them to go to the Super Bowl. Right now. I think the chief speak the Browns and Sunday afternoon and though that game will be an arrowhead It's very tempting to ride with the Bills Mafia all the way to Tampa Bay for Super Bowl 55. I hear you on that. I hear you on that. And I feel that way. Because of what they did Saturday night and the way that their defense was able to win a game and they're able to show you that. Yeah, we can win when Josh Allen is not Josh Allen of this year when he's maybe more Josh Allen of last year. When Josh Allen is not at his best when this offense is contained in the Ravens defense is a good job in that first half the bills. I think we're over the first four third downs. The Raven Stevens was good, Quiet's Campbell up front. They were good. They were disruptive. It was 3 3.5 time in the Ravens would've been leading by six points of Justin Tucker had nailed those two field goals. So The Bills did not have it offensively in the first half, but their defense kept them in the game and their defense eventually won them the game. With the pick six. From Theron Johnson 101 Yards. Unbelievable talk about making plays when you need to make them but again just to focus on the bills because we get so wrapped up in the loss, and the Ravens are Really interesting and dive into because it is clear that when Marge Action regressed this year, they did not have a dynamic offense. The offense was stale and predictable when the running game wasn't going like it was on Saturday. So There's a lot of fixing to do with the Ravens and a lot of soul searching to do as well. But just in terms of the bills and what they were able to do, and the way that defense was able to dominate, in a way that they made those halftime adjustments, and that's the other big takeaway. I have just what a great operation The bills have become this game was decided in the third quarter. I mentioned 33 at halftime. The bills come out. They get some success. Offensively they get into a rhythm. They wind up going all the way in 11 play 65 Yard Touchdown drive. It's third down third into Josh Alan finds Dawson Knox Boom 14 yards underneath. Quick, first down, that gets it going, and at that point The bills were able to open everything up..

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