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To here safe-space Happy Horse Shit. Just don't take what I like away from me baby bitch. I'm just kidding. I'm just kidding like that's really good. It's really odd thing though is st was like can we get mic setup with an account and Keiko was like yeah Mike. Do you remember your passwords. from five years. AGO might be a guy who has like a couple of goto passwords. I guess yeah well thing is we just need to get you a barstool email so so now he's still riding with the g mail okay. I got something the other day from somebody hotmail. I respect. I respected this two thousand three what is going on with our mail. More I called now was that was that was supposed to be bad. I can't wait Hillary Clinton's now defending Joe Biden. It's amazing like I know this is the theme of my life but I the only stuff I get worked up as inconsistency like this woman her Chelsea writing they write a book together or something. Why the on the stump together what's going on? I think they did right but they've written a couple of. I know they have a new. You went out where they're talking about like what I don't know. I haven't really been following it that closely. I just saw her comments about Joe Biden Pool Party with your friends and your dad's jerking off in the bathroom to it like what's it seems out of character got there like what you know what I mean. She may be a wonderful mom Hillary Clinton. I have no idea I'm grandmother but like you know the war so she's telling people to suck up over Joe Biden right. We've sound or no no off okay so I will say this is this is the thing that like Joe. Biden thing to me would does not resonate like like say obviously a Weinstein. It seems like he's a creep right. I mean you've seen all the videos but I mean you guys see woody. Harrelson skewer button we usually SNL thank you. Mike is when Kamala Harris is tweeting about how much she liked. Yeah my Rudolph's impression of her. You're not doing your job. Yeah right that means you're. You're all in this together like yeah. That's great yeah It's so funny like we make them laugh right. You're not doing your job but anyway Hillary Clinton and Chelsea Clinton writing these books and Hillary Clinton now has no issue with Joe Biden did but if Donald Trump did the same thing oh God should kill him. I forget the fact intimidated witnesses and whatever and you know. Do you think anybody she's on with that vehicle bear tonight or tomorrow. I think tonight Ankle Bear Alaska but Juanita broaddrick or you know Jones Monica Lewinsky. MHM laughs mature. Do you want me to talk to know how we talked to all right. We'll talk. We talked to her a couple of times. Yeah I don't know I I. It's just been it's been done yeah. I respect her. I know she's right by Bill Clinton but like so in a way isn't Hillary Clinton being consistent because the ninety she was saying that you know don't don't bother bill. Don't be what did she say about trump in these women yeah no. She's consistently like no consistency is based on partisan. She tell like only a Democrat rapes or sexual assault. Don't miss you call the vast right wing conspiracy. Yes and who would you say that to Stephanopoulos. No no now maybe lower today show have more of a problem with like you mentioned. Kobe's having around and he'll kiss rational that show I have more from on with that because like Hillary couldn't you expect a Democrat to defend a Democrat and not a Republican. That's just how it's been. That's how it's been familias but like now that the media just take sides rides and kisses someone's ass but here's the thing though like we're in a world now where all you ever hear about this. You have to believe victims have to believe the victim led by that's fine by women and by Hi Democrats and whatever these women who you know feel like Biden was inappropriate to them. the jumping girl of about that. Clinton said I like the twitter verse the American Electorate but there are lots of bulk of voice at sale kinds of things binds thoroughly decent human being served the country well you can take any persons six little head above and says I'm going to run for President finds. Something the knowing habits or other kinds of behavior people going to pick apart and disagree with like an annoying habit of taking large. Sums of money from foreign countries relaxed. Take these keep Ryan the ball. We're talking the sexual harassment. Thoroughly decent doesn't seem like a ringing praise. Oh I'm sure he's he's thoroughly all right but the the there was no accusations that he keeps obs- by attacked anyone though no no. It's just all those comfortable. pawing grabs smells their hair. Erin like little girls to kiss them and it's just a bit of an odd duck. Yeah seems very strange. A couple of women step. This really made me feel uncomfortable. Yes yeah so I don't know it's fair. Some had ties till like Bernie Sanders campaign and you know there's a lot of political interests. They're coming blaming his Asia and blaming Zano putting putting all all the facts on the table. I just thought the story was interesting. I don't know more the consistency in Coburg on tonight. You know do some stupid skit or something and it's like well. which which is it? I know or or everyone called barris funny those funded his I guess but like put then just be funny funny both ways if he'd be anti-trump like fucking asshole fine but when Hillary Clinton's Gazon and just talking about women will bring up the fact that her husband's a fucking rapist which he is somewhere. If you're talking about inconsistency like that we're talking about Kobe. There's the cancel cancel Colbert thing and I forgot what cancel it was because he's he made a joke about Chinese. People were used the phrase Ching Chong Bing Bong or something like that and people he wanted cancel them and other people defend them whereas Colbert when the singular should happen. I don't remember how I'm guessing into that. Were weird any late night. Person Jason spoke up right now. Not to my knowledge like Jimmy Fallon you think he might have some perspective and ideas on that show works but Dow most shut good company guy staying quiet rip trump yeah plate late safe. You hit it right down the fairway trouble. That's causing me Kimmo guy who has a history of Black Hawk Zone Shit yeah man show and all that stuff but no no. Do you know stay quiet. I mean maybe smart on them because if they stay quiet than the NBC protects them or ABC or whoever the liberal media protects them and and then they're fun. Gillis got back to me by the way who says it says he can't do this. Week's maybe sometime in the future good asked him when that sometime in the future is no response yet so so. I don't know if he's big time in us but I think we'll get on all right. I mean whatever if you think it's still news worthy cause. I'm point yeah. Well mom at some point all right. Today's show by the way is brought to you by the good people at Thursday boot company a bootstrap startup the makes the best handcrafted boots and sells direct to customer at some of the lowest markups in the footwear industry. I took a look ground by the way the.

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