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You know what makes me sick you know what makes me mad out of small plane out between my toes by sticking my feet hunting pot and in dangling in front of a grisly cave oh the day lady peril said era we need get stuff earl juniors teachers like a year and thank you gift i i thought that was the stupidest thing i've ever heard teachers don't need gifts but then i remember what a crazy weird hyperactive mouth breathing ding batty ej years and then i remembered he's one of the good kids so if anybody needs you give probably be a teacher i told parole i'd pick up a few extra six packs along next year we could tip ej takes you know parodies pace as liberal touchy feely modern times we live in as opposed to tip teachers with beer maybe when i go hip junior maker changing break shown his truck i don't expect no money i wouldn't take no money we'll take and i will expect a beer but if i actually got down on my back messing with them breaks eight and rushed and getting ah i expect twelve back in addition to the five or six i'm on drink while ammonia job so it's a man economy and man economy a smart based on beer and you ain't paying no taxes filling out forms and if you do withholding by taking a sip of my beer for you handed to me will you can finish the job yourself and if it's something big you want my help like moving or some you'll gladly pay me all bayrock and drink while working and maybe even one weird guttered sported ranks if i get sweat and too bad and not have pizza for lunch and.

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