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That's right. We are here to say. Thanks because it's around Thanksgiving because my friend. It is Thanksgiving visit Thanksgiving Day Thursday unless you're in Canada and in which case happy late. Belated thanksgiving October Weirdos team. So who do we have the? Yeah I mean we had for those of you who never heard this segment. We HAVE LISTENERS. That send US gifts from time to time and is always very much appreciated in very nice and so they are going to start with the second page. If you want to start with I go ahead. Chuck Anthony. Savino sent us from his oetzi shop. Swiss chisel lap laptop and business cardholders made out of old wine barrel staves and he makes all kinds of stuff out of these things so check out a store with Chisel yes and Matt Perky from evolve workforce Dot Com. Send US some mugs. Mets aim is to refine drug testing for states where marijuana is legal so he can get an idea of what? Your intoxication is immediately after something like an accident. Or whatever yeah I was wondering about that well legalizing like if your job if you have to get drug tested. This guy's on interests evolve workforce Dot Com. Is that where the mud came from? Okay thought that was a hint New York New York the band. Send us a promo CD. Which is terrific so we always like getting music from musician. Friends that thanks for that Mike. Dudek from the cliquey post dotcom Cli. Cky P. O. S. T. Send US Q penholders of his own making. He also says some Awesome Pilot Metropolitan Fountain pens and Rodeo dot pads. Mike Penn person he wanted to share his passion with. Thank you very much Mike. Are we have an anonymous gift? Someone send us a postcard from the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glencoe Georgia along with junior federal agent badges. All three of US never mind my wallet. Yeah you really do huge. Thank you to close the candy maker. Who is also a ghost tour guide? Who sentenced tons of amazing candy from mackinac Island Michigan? Where I used to go. Sometimes as child does very happy to get this. Yeah and we want to say good luck and safe travels to you and your sister in your world tour Khloe. He save big. Thanks to any from Brisbane Queensland Australia a Mega Care Package for real of Australian treats Tim. Tam's you love those things right man. I went crazy for Carmelo. Kids were pretty good as well. Violet crumbles pick boosts hero. There is some weird stuff in there but the good man. Ozzy's get some crazy candies. Thanks to Andrew. Par for an entire puzzle dedicated to stuff. You should know in the world of puzzles winter. Two thousand fourteen issue. It was awesome. Oh boy this is one of my favorites rob. Hin from CINTAS. Those awesome stuff. You should know book ends made from industrial fasteners and they are super cool. They're really heavy and they're awesome. And you can get information at more metal welding at gmail.com or more metal dot dot com like quality quality. Stuff Kevin Pillow Queen from Kevin Polo Quin DOT COM. That's K. E. N. P. L. O. Q. U. I N. And Red Dead. Tease. I think both of his sight he gave us an amazing illustration of Steve Zizou from the life. Aquatic Looking pensively toward the horizon have up in my cubicle. Those that's from Kevin Pillow Queen Learn. Megan from Chopsticks for Salamanders. They've got a pretty cool 'cause they sent them cinna stainless steel reusable chopsticks. And this is a big deal because chopsticks are honestly. They're kind of a problem. They sell these to help. Prevent destruction of forest from those little wooden ones. And they're the same for us where they were they get these would for these things. Where Salamanders live and so every year sixty billion pairs of chopsticks were thrown. Away and a lot of salamanders are having their forces force than habitats destroyed and because of your Sushi addictions. I have as well so get some of these you can learn more at chopsticks for Salamanders Dot Org Nice. We got a postcard. It's been awhile since we did this. We got a postcard from announcing the birth of one of our newer fans. Clyde Avery Thomas who was born at one fifty. Am On January sixteenth. Two thousand fourteen traverse city Michigan. Although you say six by now he probably is. He most likely came out a little frostbitten. Because it's called up there. But congratulations to Andrew Engine Nell Thomas on the birth of your son. Yeah and happy first BIRTHDAY PRETTY SOON PRETTY SOON. Mike and Cassie Lord from Athens Georgia. Who to this postcard from Cambodia while in Borneo wrap your mind around that interesting? Sarah Austin gave us a very chic in rugged handmade leather cardholder wallets which are pretty awesome. I Rachel Crandall for the line drawing of stuff you should know written in Gala Fran. It's the language. Apparently that time lords doctor who of the time Lords right so I'm not a doctor who fan but I appreciate it. Yeah it was pretty cool. Julie from Austin Texas Senator Postcard from his shedd aquarium in Beautiful Chicago Illinois. Thank you Julie Boy Lois Olsen. This is my favorite gift. I've gotten very simple. Awesome the mini quilts. Yeah they are. It's basically a little tiny tiny small place mat that use in place of a coaster right. It's mugs bigger than coaster smaller placement. Yeah a little tiny thing and I often at dinner. We'll have like maybe a beer. It'd be a glass of water. Maybe a cup of coffee shot of whiskey and put everything down my little mug and if anything spills it soaks up. It's better than a customer. It didn't stick. Custer it's like it's going to revolutionize the customer industry I love him so thank you Lois Olsen for that. Thank you to Arnold who won our horror fiction contests. You'll remember. He send us a copy of his book. Avalon and you can get avalon on Amazon Dot Com and then lastly for this one. We want to thank Joanne Linda. Hecht for sending tons of stuff including customize stuff. You should know mugs hints to podcast topics that they'd like to hear stuff about they put them on a Mug in heaven made in send them to US call mogs listeners. Copy of the DVD American Amazon. They give us ten bucks to watch it. So they're the best. They are very great people. So thank you to everybody and we still have more people think you left eventually. Yeah that's part one but we are grateful for each one of you and all of you listeners. Out there whether you send US stuff for not we're thankful to all of you and we hope you're having a wonderful holiday. No matter where you are in the world agreed. Happy Thanksgiving happy Thanksgiving.

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