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And you can answer the call to volunteer your and become an average zero ever as a member of the civil air patrol klein the unit near you go civil air patrol dot com this is the savage nation let me remind you when the mobs get out of control there's a solution to that problem and that problem is sal berry easily the national guard is called out without rubber bullets and all of a sudden the bullets flight the next day unfortunately there are dead bodies on the ground and the college students gall cut their go back to work if these are the five nazis keep it up that is what the government is going to do michael savage who slugged no other michael savage weeknights 8 to 11 kelo newstalk 1320 1079 as we continue sean hannity show we're in vegas final days here today we're going to be going right over to the hospital immediately phoned this program and and meeting some of the people that have been injured here which is extremely humbling when i met this man last night the mary 32 years is at the concert with his wife holding her hand and she died in his arms i nearly lost at its but probably the hardest dinner be one of the hardest interviews i've ever done bill o'reilly is with us his book is no number one on the new york times list in a we're talking of vow this hardcore left you put the number at about twenty five percent of americans i would argue that might be inaccurate number of the media is certainly a 100 percent hard left or a ninety eight percent hard left i argued journalism is dead in america and then you have a bunch of people that just aren't really informed are susceptible to bumper stickers and slogans and the playbook that the the left plays every election season but last time you were on you talked about how ultimately the left the hard left would want to get rid of our constitution larry o'connell wrote a column about how michael moore is calling for the repeal the second amendment brad stevens is now with the new york times he's supposed to be there their loan conservative voice and he's not a conservative once worked for the wall street journal these these saying the same thing if they get to that.

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