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There are no no no no no seven no this event will i meant by that wall saw the top players in the world atwood on sevenfigure this is amazing the this is a you at abided at home so a pingpong though we'll get a meal 'success saw the man millionb alone over the imposibilia ping pong the last tournament i played in japan every match you play play one hundred matches a year every match you one ugo certain amount of money and the winner of the series go two million dollars elle what was samba surf in japan you played on that i played the thing associated with it this is one of the reasons i retard i played forty matches in the long so had two hundred matches over the year and it would be sort of interspersed route the twelve months but there was one chunk of forty matches have you there you have to pay your own expenses but if he can thousand dollars for each win and you've got a million potential price found at the end of it lost about forty straight again then get paid anything on that trip zero laude leader you don't near belle when you say you get paired seven figures you don't get a retender nobody pairs you i got source told vagrant the fifty grand a year to put end so you can it from a number of different sources so you have the club so i played for bordeaux for five years model for five years you go out there you get a retainer.

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