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Very first thing food number one articles used for food or drink for man or other animals so like you're talking about how you could have a nutritious founding sawdust i can imagine that could easily fit within fda regulation fda guidelines them it avenues for food it's it's really hard to answer a question like the one you just post to may i mean sugar is intrinsic to many food products sell it's not gonna be regulated in the same way that at completely exaggerated this additive to a food product can be regulated in but so technically the categories under which sugar falls however are food additive an gras john regarded as safe and not food itself correct well this is my point and i am not going to answer your question is it has a don't have my lawyers here but on now i mean you know there's there are sugars in fruit and vegetables their sugars in in dairy products there sugars in various grasses that that people consume on on so you know it's its intrinsic till the food product itself book before cents let's get back to chocolate milk from and as we said it's got 24 grams of sugar per one cup serving more than some soda but regular old milk without the chocolate as about twelve grams of sugar naturally sweet from the lactose then there's the sugar is added to many foods products that you think are actually very healthy you know yogurt the levels of sugar are astonishingly high things like barbecue sauce and spaghetti sauce and soup to actually have much higher levels of sugar than you would ever imagined not to mention you know the levels that are in um you pies and cakes an icecream and things where you would expect to see sugar so how much sugar overall do we actually consume to right now we are about sixty to sixty five percent over our limit and that's average that's robert busted him professor pediatrics path university of california's san francisco school of medicine most of a member of their institute for health policy studies and i'm also the president of.

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