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Northwest side, the shooting happened just after six pm Winston Medford near seventy seven streets. Somebody was waiting for somebody. It was an ambush. They they knew they were coming this worker at nearby heart. Auto tells today's J for their surveillance cameras caught most of the incident starting with the two potential suspects coming to the area. They went around the corner near wouldn't sense right there? We could see him the whole time on camera after green vehicle turned onto mitford. The two men could be seen fleeing. The woman inside the vehicle shot dead. An autopsy is schedule. Alled as the investigation continues. And investigation also continues into a stabbing death in mayvale in dodge county. Police say a thirty year old man was found in a home Sunday morning with stab wounds to his abdomen and chest. He later died at an Okada Milwaukee hospital. The twenty nine year old homeowner was found elsewhere in the home with wounds to his hands and forearms. No word on a suspect or motives, the bucks. Celtics series scheduled a set, but work is just beginning for teams operations before Sunday. It is the most challenging part of the entire operation ex-president, Peter Fagin tells WTMJ scrape Matt sick the team essentially learns when the fans knew when it comes to the playoff series schedule, which means they have a lot of work to do in four days really kind of a testament to how well you can retail promote and market as fast as you can't he says some things are able to be planned in advance. But other logistical issues. Take some time activating the deer district the outside is almost as intricate as the inside of the arena. It's only by the WTMJ news. The Packers off season roster. Certification plan continues tonight with the first round of the NFL draft having signed four potential starters in free agency, the Packers entered this week's draft looking to add the missing ingredients to a team that missed the playoffs the last two seasons, but how do those signings in March? The fact VM Brian good AKU breath day philosophy our flexibility to be able to move around and not feel like hedging hold to have to take a certain position or employer. The backers currently owned ten total picks including number twelve thirty in the first round, Greg. Matt WTMJ sports our exclusive draft night. Coverage begins at six WTMJ and will be simulcast on ninety.

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