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Feel like it wasn't that long ago I thought it was like two thousand and two or something it was Yeah. But Anyway, I was as I was watching it. I kept thinking I, hope his family is getting some sort of royalties for the show because his resting his image and the character that he created is plastered all over the show. Yeah I feel like they should be entitled to something and they're showing a lot of clips from the old movies as well. So yeah, it would all depend on what his contract was originally. Yeah. For the original movie I think I think that's what it would depend on, but it's interesting. Yeah. He was a pat Morita was fifty two when he first played Mr Biaggi and. Williams ABC. is now fifty two. That's crazy and rough macho of course already said is fifty six. So. They all data I think they're older. There two years older than that. Now are really okay. Yeah. I. Might have just copied and pasted that from something that yeah shocked the article sorry about that. No that's the point in Ralph. Machos fifty eight now. Yeah, crazy. Yes. Tammy does. So He's older than Mr Miyake was. Mr Miyagi. When you watch the show the movie he was like felt like a seventy year old. It's True. All right. So I WANNA ask you guys a quick shout out to one character that I love of Gorging Ray. stingrays. Raymond. Then the guy that they met in like the Costco and then he ends up joining Cobra. Yes. Yes. to He is Paul Walter. Houser and I'm glad you brought him up because he actually had the starring role in the movie Richard Jewel and I he's. You know he's ass where I've seen his face. Yes and he always plays that same kind of character. So to see him in leading role in a movie, I thought he was excellent and I just love him as an actor. So I love that he's in the show absolutely and I hope we see more of him. So bringing him up. I want to ask you. So Shannon I know you have teens I have a teen, a alanna remind us how old your kids are. So I have a thirteen year old daughter and then I have my twins are nine boy girl twins nine. Okay. So I have a thirteen year old son did any of your kids watched the show with you? So my son did and that's actually what drew me to the show because it's very rare for him and I to agree on a show together because you know my honor of choices always horse it the girls like they're not sensitive to that stuff at all. So he won't watch it with us because he has more sensitive to the three kids Watching something girly and he's just like I'm not into this. So when I saw it I wasn't a huge karate kid fan. I watched it I feel like it was in the movie catalog. Movies. that. We Watch. Exactly as you had a movie, you watch back to the future you watch credit. So I saw him like well, maybe this is something that denied can watch cheap used to do karate and you watch and I'm going into it thinking very like this is just a movie that's going to be on the back show is GonNa be on the background that him and I can sit down together and absorb. And then totally got into it. So yeah, he wants, and since then we've watched credit credit card through luckily watched all the movies So Now We watched we watch a my son and I watched karate kid one together..

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