Hillary, Bernie Sanders, President Trump discussed on The Steve Sanchez Show


Is a populist so some times you're going to get things comments ideas that are populist in nature not conservative in nature and i told you from the beginning that if you're going to embrace of a trump presidency you're going to have to embrace that part of who he is because friends that is who he is you're not going to change them he had to run as a republican because you and i both know that hillary was destined to be the nominee that's why she cheated bernie sanders we already know all of that no need to hass all that but trump is a populist period now i do understand he's got a substantial conservative base like myself but he's also got some liberals and moderates that are in his base we've got people in his base that never even voted ever in their life so we've gotta understand that's why chris christie said on george pompidou adopted doubt the dopoulos show today that the problem is that the president's female served by staff and family thank god chris christie said a truth because that is the truth and if we could rail in a little bit of the populace viewpoint then the conservative base would be happier so even though oh i don't like what he said why believe at the end of the day that is something that will happen absolutely not but you cannot dismiss that he said it because he did and we've got to be careful because the the democrats are strategic period and they're fighting for their power and their lives right now and when you are facing a crazed blunt you people like the democrats they will pull out any punch they will do everything and anything and we've seen that.

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