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Instantly I said Oh he's a Tommy he's Tommy from the first episode from from the first movie that was that was funny. Yeah. That was that was Tommy. Tommy got disqualified because he did what? John crease told him and he kinda want to at that point. But I remember that that kind of anger in just like hopped up on looks like he's on speed you know at just so much adrenaline and that was hawk I thought originally but you're right they're turning him into that new. New Bully Villain type that just doesn't that's really buying into the John crease. Credo. And you you have. You have a kid also who's unhappy in his own skin. And through through the karate and the hair and the tattoos he's becoming he's going through this metamorphosis. He's becoming something other than the unhappy Shell that he was we we see this in everyday life. You know we see people who who Joey again somebody with a big beard and they do crazy things with it. Well, that's that's their identity. That's they. People who cover themselves in tattoos and for all different reasons but we're seeing people who maybe deep down inside and again, not to get off on a tangent are unhappy inside. So they they kind of recreate they become something other than what they are and I see that in Hawk troubled young man trying to be something he's not and I and I really if it's just we've mentioned. Star Wars here we see him going down the dark path right. I. Go ahead and I'm going to late at here. I think we'll see him return because he's got a friend who still believes in it. You know I I know who you are always calls him. He Li-. And he does that he had to dig man he did absolutely. But that's also telling us that you know. I'm still your friend I know who you are. You'll be back and so I think we seahawk come back to US interesting. Disagree. and. That's okay..

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