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Oh nick the drive the car if you forgot that one of our listeners when nikki replied one of our tweet loop nikki forget the try that's the best thing ever from one of our list dude i was crying having whenever because he's like yeah limb nikki series again that picture of mike ten years ago he's did you drive the car yeah you can drive the car kid just don't look in the trunk all right electron ix last pick rounded out i'm going with paul edgecomb from the green mile played by tom hanks edgecomb literally means blue ball searching so i think he'd be great at hacking the worldwide web he's also controlled life and death through the medium of electronically so i think you who would you want as a hacker and a guy working with traffic good pick i'm gonna put you on the spot where is the highs take place it's obviously it's the tom hanks life you picked all tom hanks cares i mean nazi germany it has to be right we're we're searching for hitler's gold okay or the watch that killed hitler mindset in vegas it's the happy madison heist obviously if you couldn't tell by now i picked all happy madison movies you got kevin james in there you have i'm gonna call them carl reiner you have who's plays deuce bigalow i always yeah rider al pacino yeah adam sandler what if you know it was a miracle saint anna whether they're searching for the.

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