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Joe? And Dave co host the hacking humans podcasts where they take on social engineering. Hello, Joe Jason, how are you? I'm doing fantastic. So I got a little bit of follow up from last week. We talked about what kind of camera that you can have in your home security camera that you can upload your data to that is not in a proprietary cloud. And it dawned on me that I have a system that I bought from AMC rest there. These are these pro HD cameras there ten eighty p I have four of them. And then I have a garage kit like a static mounted outdoor camera, and you can put SD cards in them. But it also you can do things like upload to your Nasr. Like, my sinology. I forgot I I actually have licenses to upload the video from those cameras to straight the mice. Sinology? So I it it comes with a nice interface. You can he can actually FTP. Yeah. I saw that you can you can have the files to to a remote location. Yeah. I'm just hoping as SF teepee and not just regular FTP because that would be kind of scary. Yes. Like who uses FTP anymore, but their their bunch of different options. But yeah, these cameras are pretty robust when it comes to being able to use your video feeds as you like, right? And I like that part. I what I like about. It is even if you do use the cloud service you go if you check out their privacy policy. They say how we use your information. And it says we use your personal device information solely for the purpose of delivering services to you. And when it comes to who owns your information, the very clear on the fact that you own the information, and you can delete it at any time. Yeah. You've put this in the show notes. And I went and looked at it. And this is one of the best privacy policies I've ever seen. It is so crisp and clear in easy to read for humans, not lawyers his lawyers aren't human guy. It's very nice. I like it a lot. Yeah. And the thing about these cameras they really good cameras. You know, these I got the pan and tilt one. So I can hang them and go in with my web interface, my iphone interface and panorama and do their cloud service is awful. It's got his one of the worst interfaces I've ever seen it. It's really slow. So I stopped I paid for it for about a year. It was just using those. And then I ended up moving to the Logitech circle camera system because the Logitech web interface is so much better there APPA so much better. But you don't get the same options for where you store your data. It's Logitech or nothing, right. But the interesting thing about logic is they give you twenty four hours free for all of your cameras. So if you have your cameras up, and you get broken into you can just run to the website pull the video down and get it without having to pay a monthly subscription, which I really liked when I I now pay for all of my cameras to be on their cloud system for fourteen days, which still turns out to be less than the m Chris system. Which was just like I said, God awful all of the software that comes with amd. Christie's terrible all of their apps are terrible. It's pretty costly too..

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