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In talking about the blow to her self esteem and prospects for the future that Linda suffered when she didn't get the part in the barefoot Contessa, her biographer who frequently criticizes acting ability writes that Linda realized her time in the limelight was limited and was fully aware. She was no great. Actress maybe Linda Darnell did have a low opinion of herself. And maybe she was made to feel that way because the industry didn't value her, but the more of her films that I watch the more. I'm convinced that a great actress is exactly what she was an every film of hers I've seen from stardust to no way out. She is completely credible. As a completely distinct person, this may be why she didn't have more success as a traditional glamour girl aside from the fact that a number of her characters were coded as being sexually voracious, and or manipulative of men. There was no such thing as. I'll Linda jar Nell type, she even looks markedly different from film to film things like wigs and costuming seemed to do more to transform are now from one part to another perhaps because unlike other stars who start on was based on their beauty as she took on each new character. She didn't really leave any trace of inherent personality behind. I think this is fabulous. And every time I watch a new Linda Darnell film. I'm amazed anew at how good she is. And frustrated that she wasn't appreciated for what she was able to do. Next week. We will discuss one of Dr Nells rivals for Hughes's affections. Another stunning young brunettes who believed incorrectly that Hughes would marry her. But for this young woman. Unlike Darnell perseverance became part of her brand join us, then won't you?.

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