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Your headquarters Flushing Meadows? Just asking. My goodness. Vince, I was wondering if you had dementia had no function left, would you want to be kept alive. Would you want to earn your family or? Or do you think it could just be the drug and insurance industry, perpetuating you and your family's pain and suffering for prophets? Well, that's an interesting question. I think this, I'm not sure what the context is for your question. Maybe you can clarify that I'm torn as conservative. I want minimal government interference in my life. But AFC has got to be the biggest moron ever wasting your time this legislation. She's tried to pass about studying mushrooms. With medical benefits of other illegal drugs. Pandered a hippie liberals. You know, it's really weird. Isn't it? We're going all kinds of directions. Been weird. These days. Tunder stand where you're coming from. Do the Democrats in the house have a time line is to win. They will address the issues the country. They feel like they have passing things that will never go to the Senate, by the way. So it's really kind of a waste of time they can do their little virtue signaling and, hey, we've passed all these wonderful things. There were people in going nowhere. Ain't going nowhere. Not even gonna go to the Senate much less. Make it to the president's desk. It's not going to happen. But this is how it works. When you're democrat, all you have to do is he it's all based on your intentions. That's all that matters for Democrats because you're driven by good intentions, no matter how misguided you are. You get the credit for that, so and so really cares. Oh, that's nice. Just wonderful. Another story. I did not get to in the first hour. Yes. A good news story this one, I also like do you ever get frustrated watching, how much money drives an agenda, especially a bad agenda? You have the right amount of money. You can buy your way into pretty much anything and everything. Especially when it comes to college colleges and universities. Get your name on a building and you know, and you kind of set the agenda, heck this also happens with churches to you ever seen that where you got these big donors in the church and pretty much whatever they want. They get including a change of leadership. If that's what they want. You know what I'm talking about. Kim this you're familiar with all the legislation across the country deal with subject of life. Here's what's happened at university of Alabama the board of trustees has voted to return a twenty one point eight million dollar gift from Hugh Culverhouse junior, the school's biggest donor. In fact, they're going to take his name off the law school. How is that for bolt over twenty one million dollars? This move comes after Culverhouse urged businesses and prospective students to boycott university in the state over Alabama's new abortion law. So let me get this straight. So this guy who's given money to the school is calling on businesses and perspective students to boycott university. Because he doesn't like what's going on with this abortion law? See, I've never understood people do understand people like this. They are evil is what they are. They basically are trying to harm their own state. I mean, do you remember this happen with so-called house Bill to here in the state of North Carolina? You remember that over the over the stupid bathroom Bill, that was passed here in Mecklenburg county make lumber county started this nonsense. And because of that the state acted, and then everybody piled on the state. And they were boycotting. And there are people calling on boycotts against their own state. If you're an idiot, if you crap in your own cage. This is what a lot of people do they take a dump in their own cage. Why would you do that to yourself? Do you do that in your family, too? It really doesn't make a lot of sense. Any case? So the university of Alabama the trustees voted to return the money. The transaction to return the funds processed Friday morning. It's also going to return any accrued interest. Last fall Culverhouse pledged to donate a total of twenty six point five million dollars over four years. Here's what they said the action taken by the board was a direct result of Mr. Culverhouse's ongoing attempts to interfere the operations of the law school. This was the only reason the board voted to remove his name return, his money, and there's actually a picture of them taking his name off of that building. More power to them. The only thing I think they could have done to take a further step on. This is maybe on the, the front of the university is to put a picture at a big middle finger right next to it. I know that's off was that. I'm not advocating. I just say, where's the nice fits it was here earlier. Yeah. Went away. This is evil vents. I've taken over the microphone now going to advocate for vengeance and revenge. I'm just kidding. Culverhouse issued a statement Friday, which he renewed his call for students to protest and reconsider their educational options. Now Bama, he doubled down. I expected this response from you a I will not allow my family's name to be associated with an educational system to advocates a state law, which discriminates against women. What an idiot disregards to stab federal law violates our constitution, what federal law, killing babies federal law. What kind of a moron is this? We don't need your freaking money as what university is said to him, which is exactly what people like this need to hear people like this. They can run the world with their money and they can get everybody to do their bidding. I appreciate the fact you've got a university, that's not jumping at all. They don't care in the fact that they're rubbing his name, scratchy his name off of that building. That speaks volumes about character it's time. It's pastime, especially when you're talking about an issue like life. And these the same kinds of decisions that.

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