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Sure is appeals for decades because a ridiculous let's just incredibly beautiful farmland on something that i think you may recognize elitism first of all thank engineering here than a fabulous job ben where to go um and but you guys are amazing and i want you to remember something that our friends from white christmas told us remarks ago maher talking about teachers they add that their remember you guys get old whatever you do with their lives you're going to remember him because of some of the best time zia life and death don't lose sight of that uh whether you're stuck in social media get your faces buried in your phones this is the good stuff and he made a lot of people happy this morning one more takizawa what are gonna take so this is jingle bells i've heard of that again wherever you thank you again for having a strip the millions a lot for us to be able to perform here on and to continue this tradition of woodstock high school on wgn were so happy to be here and riverview hope that you've that you a have a happy holiday tall thank you really gene business wound the niece oh gene whoa gene vijay singh this leslie ms raza dji gene gene gene king lengthy and applause erupted thank you very much thank.

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