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Johnson, Joe Biden, Bundy discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson


Everyone else you know what i'm saying and is just you you think we go be tokens you've lost you larger damn man what the story of the day is i'm going to make sure that we talk about these issues i am going to make sure that went apologies are necessary we're going to be there with a camera and we'll spotlight somebody on this side of the out is there to say the movement it was wrong there valid things that are happening your cities actually need our attention these corner saturday east on sirius xm patriots one twenty five did she say that you bet she did once again it's sunny johnson was that first store donald trump versus joe biden i don't know if you heard about this but bundy the speech where he was going to beat the hell out of donald trump if you were in high school so let's analyze the statement first of all he's not at high school so it's not happen secondly all they have to do is go stand in the mirror and sin each other dick's determine who's the biggest call the winter trump is trump is absurd about a tiny hairs tiny all you with call anthony weiner for advice on what the best angle my gosh other than that think this is i think the teacher look into jared hallman you factors because clearly the stock down to have to try and recreate grumpy old men or maybe milania withholding the president's does among other things i don't know i'm just saying sonny by versus trump who do you have winning this popcorn like our i wanna buggy said i watched the interview with mark stein i love marx that this is name right he is like one of the funniest conservatives and just downright disa issue semi pay aided is interview where he was like i'm all for this he was like bring back dole he's like i have this gets me that's been going on his six years i'm much rather just take the pistols down to the alley solve the state was.

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Johnson, Joe Biden, Bundy discussed on Did She Say That with Sonnie Johnson

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