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And he's oh, well, there's a song and the video. So obviously, you should just use your brain note that yeah wrong. Yeah. Sorry. Your whole system tells like. Get it. But I will tell you this. If you had a song appear in clip that you were using then that should be fair. Use should be. Did you dispute it? I haven't yet happened few hours ago. Oh, just. Yeah. Just happened. But effortless fuckers it wasn't even like NBC that claim that it was u m g again, so because of the best love them eleven lot. Yeah. You MG? It's almo sounds for my God. There you go that was probably their business model. I know to give people. I hear ridiculousness eight his giant laptop set. I can't yet makes me wanna die. I wanna I wanna take the laptop. As far as I'm concerned clip shows, and it is soon as Tom Birger on walked out the door of AFE drop the mic, it should have been done who Tom verge, Ron guy. Come on v host. Now does dancing with the stars allied. Bob, saggy. Boy, the sag was my. I suppose that's his name Tom Birger on that's quite a name bird. I don't even know how to bell that. It is very goes. Thank you, Google troje. Look at look at that man doesn't sky have something to do with like to catch a predator or something. He does look like, Chris Hanson? Chris Hansen's back now, by the way, I have Saif find I think Chris Hansen must be one of the most eagle dudes in the world. Why? Because first of all they guy. I of all who is kinda crazy. It is crazy that show is just like the bottom of society, everything society off. Yes. I mean my God. Well, first of all Chris Hansen acts like. It's like, dude, you're not a fucking Saint. That's true. Like, what are these hiding in plain sight? And also he got in trouble for Daltry treated on his wife, and I know that's not the same fucking underage Burson. But it's like if you're going to act like the moral arbiter like oh, don't fuck kids. Like, that's such a big deal. Then don't cheat on your wife. Just fuck women. Big deal. Yeah. I don't know. I think he kick started his show and it's coming back online now. Yeah. Yeah. I've been saying because he he's just I don't think a golden goose baby. Yeah. I mean crazy that they can make a show out of this moment of that person. Like losing his life. Yeah. That's that's it on YouTube, and it's trending or whatever so weird because it's like, obviously, I buy into two I watched that shit like crazy. Phenomenal way fascinating nominal, even knowing that. These people did some of the most heinous acts in society that they potentially have ruined other people's lives before this and stuff you can't help but see them in that hot seat, and then just feel horrible that like a life is ending again, no pity, but you're watching it's just that's the end of your life because this shouldn't be a show showing be for my entertainment. So like losing his life and phoned me, and you have little girl actors. They're like, hey, did you bring the beer in the I don't know how anyone believes that they're like they're like this twelve year old girl, and it's just like this Lanny twenty five year old student the recent episode, I saw it was a little girl got a little girl and the guy tried to hugger. I don't like that. I didn't like day. God cameras afterwards in the police station sarin on it. They were interrogating him. And there was cameras tear geisha. That's gotta be something. Legal asking you. Sorry, all my Boise handed you show. But I feel like there's some cases they're on the fringe..

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