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People and wounding a dozen before he was shot dead investigators say nineteen year old St Tino llegan was armed with an HK forty seven style assault rifle and cut through a fence to get into the Gilroy garlic festival without going through security correspondence defilement is there police here say they still don't know why the gunmen opened fire we don't have a motive for the shooting as yet that's your word police chief Scott Smith eve and it's still unclear if a second person was involved we don't have any confirmation that any second suspect did the shooting the day after people hearing Gil worry like Rhonda branch were reflecting on what took place no we're kind of like in the adrenaline last fight and then when I woke up this morning it hit me that yeah I am grateful to be alive could have been us we're Ackles sixty four men CBS news Gilroy California to American teenagers will remain behind bars in Rome accused of stabbing a police officer to death during an investigation of a drug deal gone wrong Sabina castle Franco reports the judge who wrote the order of holding the custody in a room prison of nineteen year old Finnigan the elder an eighteen year old Gabriel Christian not tally yours said the teams were at risk of leaving the country and of reiterating similar crimes the judge also concluded that neither of them understood the seriousness of the consequences of their actions showing an excessive immaturity Sabina castle Franco CBS news Rome president trump today signed a bill into law insuring that the nine eleven victim compensation fund for helping those impacted by the September eleventh two thousand one attacks never runs out of money this law makes permanent the financial support for families who lost precious loved ones.

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