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A Lisa Jaffe as we continue covering the story and at least we've got some new numbers here for Washington yes the death toll keeps climbing across our state as a result of the corona virus pandemic a county by county count shows at least two hundred twenty five deaths the majority in hard hit king county which has seen the disease kill at least one hundred fifty people thirty three deaths reported in Snohomish county seven in Waukon county Pierce Clark and Benton counties each report at least six code nineteen deaths the state's top public health official meantime says corona virus continues to spread outside the Seattle area we go to come was Charlie harder for that part of our coverage Dr Kathy Lopes has a lot of concerns she's the public health officer for the state department of health first there's the increased percentage of positive Kobe tests then there is the spread to dozens of nursing homes and the rapid spread outside the Puget Sound area unfortunately the number of deaths from Kobe nineteen reported per day has also gradually been increasing which is concerning to me as well in a press briefing she says data and modeling point to the outbreak reaching its peak in Washington state on April nineteenth despite the bad situation Loki says it could have been worse she credits the social distancing efforts that went into place early around here keeping the growth rate much lower it in places like New York and Louisiana Charlie Harker colonials so far so good when it comes to ventilators in Washington state the word from governor Jay Inslee's chief of staff David postman who knows there's a lot of competition among the states for those critical devices as the corona virus pandemic continues I heard that we made an order and then lost it because somebody out this postman says the state has enough ventilators right now and recently placed an order for one thousand additional devices with private companies will tomorrow the angel of the winds arena in ever it will be used as a quarantine and isolation facility the arena will be separated into two sections one and it will be for those who have been exposed to corona virus need to be monitored for symptoms the other section will be for those showing symptoms of the disease Snohomish county executive Dave Somers says is for those who might not be able to recover in their own home or perhaps don't have a home most people will stay here for a matter of days for up to two weeks fourteen days again will be closed when we no longer need it for this purpose so at this point we can't really give you a closing date up to a hundred people could be housed there six thirty four let's find out how does that commute slick and right now let's turn it over to travel full time for a check on our traffic good evening we're watching a crash in Seattle on cellphone five just after on nine ninety is blocking the right lane she wants you to the left to get by there is because it just a bit of a hesitation also in Seattle the carpool lane is blocked with a crash on southbound five at the west Seattle bridge in west Seattle the traffic signals are all flashing red in all directions at thirty Fifth Avenue southwest and southwest Barton street to remember to treat that isn't always stop in Winlock an earlier crash we were watching on southbound five as cleared but there is still some slowing between Sargent road overpass and highway five oh five any granite falls an earlier crash it was there for quite awhile and canyon drive it mountain loop highway that's cleared as well with no longer any slowing through the area this report is sponsored by account temps demand for top talent is at an all time high keep your project moving with highly skilled accounting and finance professionals from Accountemps Accountemps a Robert half company our next come on traffic at six forty four now you're como eco roof forecast with Shannon o'donnell everybody Tuesday night here in the great Pacific Northwest still seeing some scattered showers rolling through storm drains and then you get a story break and then it rains again chance for thunder lightning though diminishing as we head into these after dark hours and we're gonna drop way down to the thirty so it's chilly enough to get that snow level right over the passes as well we'll see it driving slowly but surely on the first of April after some morning showers a better chance for sun breaking through by the afternoon is the slow bobbles await eastern Washington at highs on Wednesday back closer to fifty couple weather center I'm meteorologist **** no doubt some of our heavier rain showers including hail on the east side Redmond Kirkland bottle areas now downtown we have forty eight at komo news the trump administration today.

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