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Mike Miller made the announcement today in the Senate chamber Miller says he plans to keep working and continued leading the chamber Tuesday night and ninety three year old man was rescued from a house fire in north west Baltimore now were that the man has died. Fire crews say they pulled the elderly man from the second floor and that he was taking in cardiac arrest to a hospital where he later died. Meantime, it overnight house fire and Harford county one person is dead there. Another injured fire officials say the blaze swept through a mobile home in white furred in the northern part of the county. The state fire marshal says there was a fatality in. Another person was taken to a hospital, Billy Joel will perform at Camden Yards. This summer the first concert to be held at the Orioles. All park since it opened in nineteen ninety two Joel is going to be seventy in may, it'll take the stage on July twenty six it won't be the first time the singer is played outdoors in Baltimore Joel's performance at Mt. Bank stadium in July two thousand fifteen Martinez. First stage show in Baltimore since one thousand nine hundred seventy seven. WCBS news time at one oh four the forecast after this. My father made a good living and was a good provider. But one thing he didn't do well was plan, which leaves me his only child to do everything he lives with me. Now, he's very ill. And I struggle with his Medicaid forms. His nursing care. His doctor bills his investments his will and his taxes. It has.

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