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Holy man episode i think like the casino episode like started hooking me and then like it's totally guest is definitely the high point of that and then i was just like all this show in comparing it again i don't wanna bring up every five minutes uses a new character introduces matt chris freckleton character like every time to introduces a new character nine ten times their backstories fascinating and it just doesn't go wrong and ever stumbles never has there nikki and paulo where you like now fucker you in the show never does that it was it's clearly a very tight show it's twenty eight total episodes i believe to a fault toward the end was yeah is is did not pay proper heed to some catches but yes but it's so tight and i think that with loss the challenges of being on a network show on being a network and so they had to hit like twenty three episodes forty two minutes here loss loss the reason to digress a little bit the reason that the nikki pol thing happened and all the other seven season three is because they were fighting damon and carlton were fighting to get an end date on the show so they wound up making and it's unclear whether it was intentional or not but you guys remember stranger industry jews with the worst loss that was when i they took that one to the network executives and they're like look this is what we're going to come up with if you don't let us leave and they were planning leaving after season three.

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