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Know but have been heredia be yeah well they have experience something similar to that i think i think there's so much pressure to move your job these days and it's like all the celebrities you see aired like moving their job all the time and it's is if if you're not doing that you're some nobody so i like that this began he just says hey man hold it for a second let's catch are breath let's not be able to feel or operate are jaw muscle and it does not add but it doesn't say not i do think not the do this of the package i mean i go one further immune say i but the preferred and bill with which old of the shell and i think that yeah bill should just so liquid it should just to just people babble later you jill i should be did not i know well just let go of just like in a been of this it's there but they should sell little sir oh led all yeah i think that's probably right mentioned i think that's actually really smart and to kind of thing that nick wider would take out of the show yeah griffy and here we are showcasing like okay this guy's got were making this is yeah astro rain we're going to make this a central part of the show this so but this will be showcases partly is yeah can you um sort of i still a bad pump the vote goals drop out the travel and maybe put in like a sound bed of what would be good for this bomb go.

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