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They're going to you want as much spacing on the rest of that second unit because then guys like maxi and however they want to run it. We'll have will actually have the space to operate. So that's going to be a potential challenge of dermer. Had a bunch of other interesting guys on the team. I think that the the one that we would normally start on would be jailed springer because the tennessee product was their first-round pick this year eighth but Read were so productive. Springer played in in five games. The jump shot was not falling for him. But he's still in an intriguing player a defensively and in some of his offensive. Aggressiveness on twos was was notable as well the do about springer who's just got built like a tank and he's like six four but he's pretty jacked and just really likes to attack it. In transition workers way into the lane us is big body to create angles and go up or the rim off a two feet and not really a one footed leaper and early shot threes at tennessee. And so you wonder like six four doesn't really shoot three's not necessarily profiling as a primary pick and roll threat so it you know. Sometimes you see guys like that who don't really fit into a mold of at least at this point in time and you're like man number one like why the hell they draft this guy but the number two man. He must be really good at all the stuff that he does do to get by these floods. And there's a little bit of that from it like he's a tough guy. Rugged plays defense might be switchable with that big frame in as a little bit of passing vision as wall was able actually to work off a pick and roll of it more than expected although not exactly operating there necessarily did shoot some jumpers off the dribble from mostly on twos. That looked okay. You mentioned it. Three point rates not particularly high. So i'm interested to see how he develops. Obviously he's going to need to get a passable three point shot or he's just not to be able to play certainly not on this team. But there's a little bit of clay there with his physical profile and it's just hard nosed style that makes you think there could be a little something there as does a joe draft record franklin. Yeah that's a fair point. While another interesting sixer was isaiah joe and not surprisingly for those of us who watched him at editor points. The jump shot is the is the key thing there is. Joe played in four games for the sixers and took ten threes. It came and made thirty eight percent of which was totally totally insane. A lot of that wasn't catch and shoot where isaiah joe. Maybe he just shoots the cover up the ball so that that look good for him. Yeah just a lot of versatility..

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