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Back and better than ever lows just for pros event now through September, 25th knew this month you have a chance to get in on innovative products from a tab O H P T and spider virtual product demos and live chats. Join the conversation on lows for pros dot com, asked questions and see how these products can add power and efficiency to your job's just for pros Event will also have limited time deals on many of your go to brands, so check it out in store or online on Lee. It lows. The new home for pros US only. Kor FX ht to Denver. Okay, how news time 11 03 NFL football is back. The owner of the Blake Street Tavern, Chris Futile, Et said his weekend business was fantastic. Even betterthan a year ago. It was great. I mean, it was like Wow, finally. It's like we're back to business, and people have a good time and there were plenty of room apart you slay says Football is King in Denver. More than 1000 fan cut outs, including Broncos super fans and ring of Famers have been installed for tonight's football game and empower field at mile high. The fan cutouts have raised more than $80,000 for Broncos charities. In Rocky Mountain National Park Search team's camped out last night in the Lake Powell area as they search for a missing hiker from New York 24 year old Steve Grunwald has been missing for more than two weeks. Some of the search teams were airlifted into the park to give them better access to Taylor and PAL Peaks. The search will continue today for that Missing man and Rocky Mountain National Park. That's the latest I'm Cathy Walker. No impact Traffic Thiss report is sponsored by CBS from the BET. Fred Sports Traffic Center travel around the mile High City freeway system in really good shape right now, no stalls or accidents on.

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