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Great out there all the big roads move along financing in the incidents no construction no traffic hazards of any kind that are going to slow you down no rex or stalls don prior with Austin's on time traffic brought to you by the sunny and warm breezy this afternoon with a high of ninety then mainly clear tonight low sixty one Saturday partly sunny breezy and warm high tomorrow ninety then mostly cloudy and humid tomorrow night with a low of sixty six partly sunny and very warm Sunday near record breaking high temperatures with a high of ninety three from the weather center I'm Holly Holdren six sixteen Jefferies little don prior body here all the time to don shot I got to make a correction here because I don't want to get bad information out there looks like as far as Jack Allen's they're opening the Oak Hill location for curbside and that's it right now just the Oak Hill location in the world of business at six seventeen check this out Amazon owned whole foods will soon provide free disposable master customers visiting their stores so that's what the company says on their website last night your whole foods is also requesting that customers wear a mask inside the stores as well same thing into H. E. B. same thing at cosco yeah that's a whole foods a mass will be available for customers over the next few days that according to what a blog post on their their website so they want you to wear one and I just wonder if somebody at whole foods shopping they're not wearing one are they gonna call the police are they ask him to leave friends are they gonna say Sir we really would appreciate if you put on a mask and and isn't that what we meant what happens if they don't you know I I I hope that they're not.

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