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You're listening to all of it on WNYC. I'm shumita Basu sitting in for Alison Stewart today is the first day of spring as we talked about it started today's show people are celebrating. No Russa Persian new year tonight at sundown will be the official start of the Jewish festival of Parham. And maybe you've noticed some bulbs emerging from the ground testing, the weather. I heard a bird chirping this morning and realized how long it had been since I heard a very long and sustained song here in New York City, one of the best places to see the signs of spring in full force is of course, central park, the central park conservancy is hosting an all day event today to celebrate the changing of the seasons. Now, the conservancy is a private not for profit organization that manages the park everything from day to day operations two long ongoing restoration projects so here to discuss what events they have planned for today is the president and CEO of the central park concert. Consi Betsy Smith, Betsy welcome to all of it. Hi, thank you. Thank you for having me. Join them. Of course. We'll thank you. What does getting central park ready for spring? Look like, I can imagine what it looks like when you just have a single garden, but you've got over eight hundred acres to prep. It is. It is a massive job that it is one. We have been looking forward to for months. We've got eight hundred acres. You're absolutely right. But within that, you know, there's three hundred acres of lawns that have to be seated and mulched we've got twenty six ballfields that I have to be graded and raking and uncovering all the wonderful bulbs that are speaking up now through them through the through the grass with through the weeds. So it's it's a wonderful time of year. And we're so excited about it. Let.

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