Mel Watt Pon, Oaks Amusement Park, Freud discussed on The New Yorker Radio Hour


So now, we're walking towards this vast lake that is kind of adjacent to the limit. And this is the first moment where you can see like a hallucination this ferris wheel through the trees. There's a really flat meadow. So you kind of a clear sight line to the ferris wheel at oaks amusement park. And the first time I saw this. It was such a shock. I really just doubted. The evidence of my senses. You know? Now, we've got a cool green must case Mel watt pon, which is just looks like some of the swamp beer places that I loved when I was growing up. Everything's kind of sunk in and watery. Oh my gosh. Is that a nutri or beaver? We've got a just the dissuade very head of nutria doing donuts in the water below our bridge. Wow. Looking like a piece of bark that just swam to life. A lot of my early work, my first dry collection, and my first novels won't plan. Yeah. We're set in the wetlands of south Florida. I grew up near mangrove estuary in which is like muck around for hours. I mean, just thousands of hours as a kid I spent. Climbing mangroves in waiting around. And I think what is attractive to me. As a writer about this kind of space is it really. It feels uncanny in the best way feels like Freud's uncanny, and as as you see from this. We've just taken and from this vista that we're looking out at it is almost impossible to say where the land ends, and where the water begins, which is which and there's something about that sort of women all slippery place. That is so exciting to me..

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