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The. I say. Our Todd as five as go the Bosnian love these Aaron Boone, the leader, his first of the. He's. Just to the first. Porch it right. What's up, what's happening? Welcome to another dish of the short porch. Presented by barstool sports. I'm your host hubs alongside me on the other side of the country. Mike, owes the vape God himself the closet, cloud diving smokes Kelly. What's going on? Hey, guys, just want to say you look, really handsome, not. He saying. Both. Because also joining us the infamous Marty mush. What's up shit bigs? How he done. It'd be interesting. This is our one hundred episode of the short porch. Thank you so much. If you've been here from the start, if you have I don't know anyone go back to those first few episodes, even know what we Santa like I had never done a podcast before. Now we're pretty polish. They feel Filipino were doing Tommy, you're kind of a pro because you you're Fordham bullshit, where you pretend to be in the media, and whatever and ask questions. Now what was in the media was a pro yet. Yeah. Pretending big tender and everything and money measures here with his. He's, he's got much of a huge letdown that are hundred episode is with Mari almost rather done nothing than like made it go hundred up. So we have morning Sean, you know what Tom fuck you say. Let's go into what do you do is weak at Tom I gotta pack moving in nine fucking weeks. Not we. We. And following weekend into next week. No Monday, I'm gonna be the Monday, I would still be there three nights to get all my stuff together. You, you idiot. You hit. That's your best Dave response. With David's say makes fun. It's all you got fucking Tommy, so you're out in California house, California. Tommy, it's great beautiful weather. We're in like a mansion of a house. That's really nice. We just had this the mulligan challenge. Dave gotta call and the eighteenth hole. So we don't know if he went to wonder not s he did well, we don't know if he would've wonder not thoughts and prayers the Stella him intern as dog. It's just it sucks that we come all the way out here for an incomplete challenge. I'm sure that's exactly what happened. I mean dogs dogs sick run. That's just a fact. That's I thought Spurs style. Sounds like she's going to be good. So that's that's good to hear David fell challenge. That's fortunate. Tommy taking. Well he didn't didn't finish it. No. I didn't get any work. I mean I was really just like covering for sold. No internet out there between up to tweet out videos. Glenn. Big maybe got a little bit. Clini..

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