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Right? You want him to have a job or if you're in college, want him to have very decided. Goals. You want him to be a driven person, ambition, ambition, ambitious person. You want them to show up for the date on time. You want him to be polite. You want to not to talk the whole time. You know there's a, I think I shouldn't have to say this stuff. I hope you already know this. You want him to try to take his time to get to know you before he tries to jump on your bones, right? You know, it's like that the other things, I mean, maybe more subtle things that people don't know. You should definitely watch to make sure how he treats people who he may be, you know, have more power then like waiters in restaurants, like the valet takes his car. If you're living in LA, we have valets you take your, you know, you wanna see how he treats those people because that's very, very important. You wanna make sure that he takes responsibility for things. If he's telling you a story about something that's gone wrong in his life, and it's all somebody else's fault, you know, and the win really strange one. And I hesitate to say this, you take with a grain of salt, but if the guy is just too perfect, you know, shows up with the flowers pulls. Out your seat, opens the door. Guy should do all those things in my opinion. But if the guy is absolutely perfect, you wanna watch that. He's not moving on to fast. He's not stalker because stalkers present that way. I know I don't wanna. I don't want to make you suspicious of every polite lovable guy who comes into your Ken, but just just watch out that it is a thing that happens that people that stalkers play you by just being absolutely perfect in every possible way. So that's just one thing to look out for. But you know the the more normal ones, the job, making sure he's nice to waiters and all that stuff. Those are the things that you can look for from Carlos supreme chancellor cliven. Jordan Peterson equals of the internet's dad. I thought I was the internet said Dr. Jordan Peterson made a controversial statement that I personally find to be fair. He said, cavenaugh should step down now that he earned his seat to prove humility, save his name and help heal the national divides around him. It seems very much in the brand of Christian self sacrifice for the greater good. I'm neither for nor against this idea, but I also think people are really treating Pearson unfairly for this one, your thoughts, people. Did jump on Jordan for this. I completely disagree with him about it. I completely think it's is. It is. What is it? The Milton said that strain is of a higher tune? I all I can't remember what it was too high aiming to. Hi there. This was a hard fought battle and important victory against mob rule, an important victory for the process. I think when you get those victories, you should take the tear, keep the territory that you talk. I do not think that gesture would have been received with anything, but viciousness from the left. I think the left has to learn that it's techniques or not going to work. However, there's nothing wrong with disagreeing with somebody. You don't have to jump on the guy because you disagree with. I did see some stuff that was harsh and mean, you know, it's like we love Jordan. He's doing great stuff, and he's interesting has interesting things to say, and we disagree with that. You know that it shouldn't be. It shouldn't be that hard. It shouldn't be hard. You don't have to. You. Don't need a baseball bat to disagree with someone. You just say, I disagree love you, but you know your respect you. But with respect, I disagree. Did disagree with them on from Dave all hail, Cleveland supreme leader of the multi verse. Thank you. I shouldn't have to say thank you because it's just owed, but in your work, both as an artist. And as a commentator, have you ever seriously struggled with overcoming self doubt since your work as a novelist requires you to expose your creative ideas to criticism and your work. As a political commentator also requires you to expose your.

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