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Story from the new york post arizona diamondbacks pitcher archie bradley took the mound with some poop his pants that was the headline diamondbacks pitcher took mound with pope in his pants let's hear from archie bradley i was warming up to go on a game and i knew i had the next hitter annuities on deck it's a two to cal and i'm like man i have to pee so i run our bathroom quake i'm ready to go and i'm trying to p and actually i pooped my pants i'm like gosh like i know i'm a pitcher way from going in the game so i'm scrambling to clean myself up cleaned up the best i can but my pants up and our bullpen coach my i said hey you're in the game they said out the bathroom i was like hey am i okay i just i just like i'm going to this day me they didn't believe me until they unfortunately solve a mess in the bathroom design have time i was like i gotta go in the game i just felt awkward and uncomfortable and just gross out well yeah sure you're out in the mountains of the people you got fecal matter in your shorts sure and you're hot and you're sweating and you're pitching in your stretching that's gross now i'm going to do the professional thing that our radio host does and it's called a segue okay so we just had a story about a guy having number two in his pants how about this story dateline hershey's no hershey pennsylvania rumors are circulating that hershey's might start selling to new brands of whipped cream one that's chocolate flavored and one brand of whipped cream that tastes like reese's peanut butter cup oh i could eat an entire bucket of cool whip i mean i i love cool whip with an endorsement from exercising wouldn't i'm just saying i could not saying i've they've kinda weaned me off all that stuff they're exercising and i love him for it but boy there's nothing better at thanksgiving and rip off nice fresh top of a cool whip jug and just sticking my spoon in there and shovel it all in my mouth i have a small piece of pie and then a jain norma's yes egg section of cool whip on top of the pie when that tastes like reseize peanut butter cups i would eat that right out of the container just get me a spoon and i would eat that right out of the container coming up next there may be a new white house communications director it's a name you have probably heard before also this is kind of a scary gary story fbi's ten most wanted list was updated today and there's an indiana connection so we'll tell you all about these things coming up next don't go anywhere it's.

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