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No no. No you're georgia. Yeah where what is who made the list not us. Not we should say diego linus and yunus mussa on. It hurt their gelinas. Twenty-one yunus mussa still just eighteen who you taking between those two of taking yunus mussa. y'all not only eighteen. Three years younger. Can i give you some stats. Moussaoui's eighteen. he's played more he's played over eighteen thousand eighteen hundred. Skews me minutes alita. He's got two league goals. Eighteen by the way his last loudini goal was november of twenty twenty versus qaddafi. Lionesses twenty one and he's played less minutes just a little bit over fifteen hundred minutes and he's never scored a goal and by my count day since diggle lioness's last goal. Where is it one thousand four hundred. Oh no i don't. I don't wanna be right. Be be correct last goal at club level luggage. Remember i remember i saw. I remember the nation's league final where the line is came off the bench scored and was a difference. Make what was in the nation's li. Oh that's right. that's what it is measuring la legal moments by nation condemnations league. Let's also be honest about what. Valencia is currently compared to what it used to be betty suspending money. They brought in the linus linus they did. And if i was what they used to be in with spending as much money as they used to use. Missile would not be getting the opportunities and she goes. He's an academy product. Who's very very cheap. And they can use them in different role while line is. Why didn't you say so diego. Why go to bed where we spent two and a half three years not playing. Oh man we mentioned on. Espn plus not just like the. Oh we got lucky on. Espn plus as well. Her sunday. shallows against bruce Sooner maybe our crews are still can bounce back from the devastating campinas.

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