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Demonstrators tried to disrupt the first in person city council meeting in more than a week after they were held virtually because of COVID exposure. This meeting is how it illegitimate. Demonstrators say it can not be business as usual until council members Gil se dio and Kevin de Leon resigned for their parts in a racist recording. There needs to be a real reckoning not only with the words again that were uttered on those tapes, but also with the policies that actually enact the real harm on our communities. De Leon has been on an apology tour despite calls for him to step down. That is case EBS TV reporter Jeff Nguyen in Los Angeles. Money news at 25 and 55 of WTO here's Jeff playbar. Without gained 337 points Tuesday, that's another 1%. Amazon will accept Venmo for online order payments for all shoppers by Black Friday. The median price of a home that sold in the D.C. metro in August was 1.5% lower than it was in July, the Washington business journal says national four H council is moving its headquarters to D.C. in a building a block from The White House to be closer to lawmakers. Jeff claypool, WTO news. Dow futures off fractionally NASDAQ futures off one 71. Just ahead on WTO, the candidates and the Pennsylvania closely watched Senate race bar in their only debate of the campaign. It's four 56. Olivia, from Washington. Laid off and trying to keep our little kids from realizing that mommy and daddy haven't eaten in a while. Roger from California. I'm grateful we could afford our son's surgery. I'm nervous that now we can't really afford food

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