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And Becky Lynn here's our top story a big price tag jump to the south Phoenix light rail expansion you documents filed with the department of transportation show the updated estimates of the construction for the light rail went from five hundred fifty million dollars to now one point three five billion dollars valley metro CEO Scott Smith tells KTA are one of the reasons is because it now includes metro line expansion from downtown Phoenix to the state capitol all the workers expected be done as a separate project and now is included as a single projects when you add all that up it's about a billion dollars Smith says the rest of the estimated cost is forty percent contingency is required by the federal transit administration which is kicking in a hundred million dollars meanwhile in Phoenix residents go to the polls next month they'll have proposition one of five on the ballot which could stop the light rail expansion altogether a retired corrections officer accuses Maricopa county sheriff's deputies of racism blaming her for crash almost two years ago near eighty Third Avenue in lower back I rode doors bold and claims deputy switched and manipulated videos from the crash scene and I laughed when I saw the video because it was a woman on a Gurney with a very petite body with my head on it and I told them this is discussing weld in a black woman in her seventies is filing a justice department complaint and possibly suing MCSO share Paul pens own denies the allegations and his deputies were more than professional and his body camera video he has will prove it the tax the rich national bus tour made a stop in Phoenix today the bus is visiting about thirty cities today is stopped in Phoenix working people are waking up daily to an economy that prioritizes the wealthy few instead of them CG warranty is one of the bus tour organizers but this is also a system that can change if the rich in corporations pay their fair share he says the twenty seventeen tax cuts and jobs act president trump signed into law was meant to benefit the middle class but instead he says some of the wealthiest Arizona's got thousands in tax cuts result the city no okay TA our news yeah trappings looking now with Larry Lewis in the valley Chevy dealers traffic center well thank you and we've got a crash reported on the two oh two red mountain this is going to be eastbound watch for about right around Val Vista slowing things down in that area in fact delays a stretchy knit back nearly to McClintock you're also going to find two crashes on the move one a one both of those in the eastbound direction one of them is approaching state route fifty one it's off right the other ones approaching sixty fourth street it's also off right seven street and Buckeye you're going to find an accident there in a wreck on Scott still wrote it Thomas that one involving a motorcyclist this report sponsored by Airco transmissions and total car care it's not their result and are one hundred degree temps will take its toll on your vehicle if you're traveling this summer make a pit stop at any M. go to make sure your vehicle is ready for the trip.

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