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We just put a bell on voldemort fucking dead. Sorry, Eric immortal. What's? I mean, he's with no knows Ray fine. And of my knowledge in this movie. He's just being born. He's like a one year old. I wanna see that fucking Bertzi. Yes. We'll Tom riddle wasn't born evil, dude. We'll no. But I wanna see the doctor spanking his ass from the Tom riddle born, I'm screaming into the into into life. But why Tom rental why not just literally any bay fucking Prego born? Again, hold on a second birth porn part of extreme button, by the way, important hub Zane. But oh, excuse me. What? What was that? Is that just like watching somebody be birth awfully well playing Barry white? It's the miracle of life video like, but sexy. No video could have used a killer soundtrack. That's a great point. You know, you see something come out. You don't see something go in? Now. That's exactly that's. Oh. No, no. I just think it's an important moment. Let's see. Anyway, the fantastic beasts movies are this is the second one. The Grendel vault is involve Grendel vault. Played. Uncertain ceremoniously, but very ever very divisively mister, Johnny Depp. Yeah, he cut it gets at a movie jail in the beginning of this movie. The starts with him literally broke it being broken out of movie jail. It's such teased to in the beginning. Because what's the first thing you hear about him? Oh, we cut out his tongue. Dude of my ears pricked up with that. And I was like could it be? Also, did he grow it back or this? I think the Abernathy guy. Oh, you had. Oh, that's just you know, I think that dude like he fucking switched things can't talk. I guess that's Abernathy notice for the rest of his time in the film who is very good in Tarrant Davies sunset song. If everybody gets to see it. Wow. Look, it you dropping Terence Davies rafts characters. Yes. Exact same character. I'm sorry. The wizard ding world ver. Yes. World. Just fucking stupid as Star Wars extended universe or any of those things. Don't start gripe about the name of the universe will. But the name of the universe because they never it. Just fans say star was the extent of the universe below blah, or even those like solo movies, they'll have the title card Star Wars, but this just says wizard world because he can call studios, Harry Potter and the nothing to do with this. That's not how you do. Potter presents. That's where I'll be honest with you all my problems with this movie. The thing was world. It's pretty low on that..

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