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Quickly and easily download the pay pal APP today terms and conditions apply. Lindsey longtime long time I. Just spent my forty five minutes. This morning in bed watching the Deborah, Cox nobody's supposed to be challenged So you guys watching that if not a fun real hash I think follow my favorite. Who have done it It would be very interesting great, and also feel who was a singer and now I believe she's like youtuber blogger she's a great anyway I checked days page 'cause it's just seems like a challenge that she was born poor but unfortunately It's not that I'm frankly I'm a little disappointed in her didn't know where else. Okay crunchy crunch inside. The Deborah Cox, Challenge I it sort of bubbling but I didn't know the extent to which it was sort of like happening in that. Deborah. Cox. Herself has given it her seal of approval before you do did the car describe what it was describe what it was. Oh No. So it's The Deborah Cox Challenge is you have to sing the bridge of the iconic Deborah Cox Song from one, thousand, nine, hundred, which is. Ably. The most difficult bridge ever Sung. I can't think of a more difficult bridge not it's a really good bridge, but it's like it's half runs exactly yes. Right. There's a k. change and then there's a scream note at the end it's beautiful. It's fantastic but it's like it's it's singular like it's not a it's not for beginners. I wish I could search my videos better because I know that we have done Karaoke when our friends have tried to do. Nobody's supposed to be here because there's just a category of character songs where when you see it show up on the Q. You're like Oh boy and this is one of them now because it's not good but because it's like you have to be a good singer to sing and this one of them I. Actually you made a little list of other ones that I disagree with. One of these on here, very much I. Disagree that Kate Bush, weathering heights is a bad character song I. Think it's a great character because there's a difference in what she doesn't that and mimicking it. Then what Celine Dion does and because you love me because you're not trying to sing and hit high notes, you're just doing like a funny falsetto which like, yes, you're not hitting those Kate Bush notes but you're really not trying I would say like, yes, like songs that are like two good like almost the. Singers are too good. You shouldn't are usually bad in Karaoke honestly even when and not to be this person but even when the singer is good, they're still bad because I don't want to hear some random good singer sing a song slightly less good than the main song like a you either at that to me is not interesting your name mean yes. So on the Deborah Cox Challenge, which is doing on instagram and singing the bridge, and if you are a good singer, that's great but in the context. Of Kariuki we don't need you to be as good as Deborah. Cox. Like we don't want you to be as good as stepper calm and I also don't really want you to be good at all like I just want you to be good at Karaoke which kind of implies that you're not good at singing. If you were good at singing I'd come to your show or whatever. If you had a show or whatever you know I didn't come to see an open mic night I came to sink see Karaoke. Hot Take. This song. Deborah Cox is our biggest that there's no way she's speaker than their number one head or this is it. It's only her biggest hit but the remix of this song is a bigger hit than the original. If I recall correctly, you know like the the Remix they did that turn it to like dance real dance song is huge. She's one of those artists from like the nineties wide the Koran on the brain but it's the sort of person who like Ken tour for the rest of their lives based solely on this one song and they will continue.

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