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Wrapped up packages of dead insect, husks, sticks and stuff. I don't know who the shepherds would be well, whatever the shepherds are. We know that at the heart of the of the tippety you have to have that that baby Jesus. And granted we did an episode last year on the the baby Jesus a monkey Lous and that is rerunning this year. But at the heart of the story of the Christmas story in Christian traditions is the. Of a virgin birth. Now, the story of miraculous birth, of course, is very common in mythology and legend around the world, a God being the father of a famous or heroic person is a very common motif to appear why settle for an earth dad when you can have a cause Mikdad. Yeah. It's it's a time. Tested story. Right. You have your Demi guide heroes that are that have have a wet leased one parent that is of divine lineage now before we go any further, I do want to just summarize the Christmas story as it's presented in Christmas Christian traditions, just really quickly here. So it's probably familiar to a lot of you. You have a first century BC woman by the name of Mary, and she finds out via angelic visitation that she's destined to become a first century, see mom and not in the way, she'd plan no instead of producing Austrian via relations with her husband Joseph. She has been impregnated by the high God, she is a virgin, but we'll give birth to a divine, son. And like you said, this is not an anomaly. Global myths. Legends and religions, we have other stories of of some sort of miraculous birth taking place, right? And what we wanted to focus on today was the fact that though, this may in fact, be some form of miracle. If it were to actually happen to a human being in other corners of the natural world stories like this are actually not all that miraculous. They in fact, happen all the time. Right. So today, we're going to be talking about parthenogenesis that is the the scientific term for what's occurring here. It's taken from the Greek words Partha knows meaning virgin in Genesis, meaning origin. So this means in the animal world or in the world of sexually reproducing species, a female that reproduces without fertilization by male sex cells, right and it occurs. Pretty commonly among lower plants and invertebrate animals, particularly wrote a for a phys- ants, wasps and bees I do want to hit just two of my favorite examples from the. Vertebrate invertebrate world. First of all in the termite. World is pointed out in a two thousand nine research paper from North Carolina State university certain female termite primary queens of the species read, a cool attorneys separatists reproduce both sexually and a sexually during their lifetimes sexually with the male kings in asexually to essentially clone themselves to create secondary queens, and these are the successor queens that will then mate with the king. So it's important for them to have no genes in common with them. Okay. So just I think fun example of right? We'll hear you can you can clearly see in this picture of why it is advantageous to use asexually production alongside sexual reproduction. Of course, the greatest benefit of sexual reproduction. Is that you get some variety in there. You don't have the stagnant, gene pool. Right. Sexual recombination. If you're just making copies of your own jeans over and over again becomes much easier for say. Parasites to find exploits with your body..

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