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Big one growing in Blacksburg Virginia Tech sixty five Duke sixty one just over six minutes to play from Cassell Coliseum and a true top. Twenty matchup could have some implications near the top of the pile in the ACC standings other game unfolding right now in the league has Miami. Upon Wake Forest and Winston Salem, sixty four fifty six canes three forty seven left to play in the second half. Only other game on tap tonight. Our game number five Carolina and Syracuse to go just after nine PM ACC standings, look like this entering play tonight, Virginia, Duke and Carolina all with twelve and two records. But again Carolina has beaten Duke, Duke. Has beaten Virginia twice and Virginia has been Carolina one so still with just a handful of games left to go plenty to sort out at the top of the ACC standings Virginia Tech with a win. Tonight. Overdue could move to eleven and five firmly in fourth place in the ACC Florida state where the win earlier this week is now sitting at ten and five Syracuse the opponent tonight nine and five currently sitting at nine and six NC state. The only other team above five hundred eighty seven rest of the league looks like this Clemson six and eight Boston College Miami with four and ten marks Georgia Tech foreign eleven Notre Dame has dropped to three and twelve way. Forced by the way, also three and eleven and Pittsburgh sitting at two and twelve one final note around town the Carolina baseball team walked off winters today against UNC w four to three Dylan Wyler's hall Brun since it for the heels again four three, Mike. Fox's team is off to an.

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