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As you know. We always like to bring eloquent an elegant intellectuals onto a desperate attempt to raise the tone of the show But this this week. We hit the jackpot. Charles kesler is one of the finest writers on the conservative side and one of the wisest. He's a senior fellow of the claremont institute. Editor of the claremont review books host of clermont's the american mind video series and the denver dak- distinguished professor of government at claremont mckenna. College also. he is the The employer of my sons spencer cleveland no relation and the only way we can get him on by holding spencer hostage. We can now release charles e there. Yes i am. Thank you and and Let me say also you manage to pronounce the they distinguish name and my distinguished professorship correctly. So that's out there you go. That's good episode was random hit. But you know i wanna talk to you. Have a new book out called crisis of the two constitutions the rise decline and recovery of american greatness I've been reading in it and it's just really incisive of a very broad minded. Look at what's going on. Let's let's begin. It's called the crisis of the two constitutions. Let's start there. What what are the two. Constitutions are our first the what i call the founders constitution which was the original written one of seventeen eighty seven as amended and the principles of that constitution came before it like the declaration of independence contains the but also the.

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