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It and as for buyer's remorse should have been knife the left he hit earn yankee stadium but we don't eat him an ally in up and to save that money first starting pitcher later in the few than when we were five deep at this point get a walking sheffield and adams who from training makes sense for brian cashman to do speakers now instead of having that five and a half for six and a half towards mushtaq is or maybe it would have been a little bit more depending on the asking price gyumla now royal and get that pitcher gap listen i'm shocked i mean affecting the stock is such a little amount of money and silly positively blows my mind and you're right boris absolutely positively misread his client market nfr might miss style case and if it turns out there was three years in 45 million dollars on a table from the anaheim angels and you passed it up they shame on your aged he did not do right by you but ccri for the yankees aol k which european is steve's third basement area other gave you're going to grow back it will give equal great mantle to get rid of all at least thirteen million for nothing all right about that and see see think about every move that brian cashman is made between now and really gone battle as to polls years these guys are like the epic heater on the craft stable in order i can tell house bring in player after player and you're right to get rid of that heavily money don't bring in giancarlo stanton to acquire brennan jury he is made a very good roster that much better yeah the court acquitted i gotta go but it's been great listening you great to hear from the oil then we will speak to you more one they forget go see see i missed the la z boys preaches to call an from one walk employ to another walk walking boy out pal mark in brooklyn cellmark mark well that's an irish career guy has to keep it in the family you know that i had to keep it in the family so did not increase cargo identity honest man until i see tiger on a sunday in a major tournament event in contention that is what i'll be captivated by the story and.

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