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This is who you will become at the ended the day and after all is said and done you can call yourself a man. What's up man? Good to see again good to see you another week of Ama Orion cities like really talk once a week but we get a lot done when we do talk. Yeah I don't get a lot done. We have a lot of conversations share a lot of words. I don't know if that moves anything in the right direction. We do share a lot of words. Although I for whatever reason I was kind of going through some old messages and they were from people. Oh you know sending this message is on the Ama and kind of got me fired up last night. I was like you know what this is. Good stuff and they were reaching out and telling you how how we were helping or whatever it may be exactly exactly. Yeah really needed me last night and I kinda got fired up with a good or bad is listen to this morning Andy Brazil and then I got even more fired up and I was like okay and you do that for sure. Keep your swearing to a minimum kip if you taste totally. I'm like I'm worried about a little bit of cursing I listen to him. It's like one minute I'm like. Oh my gosh shake my head. I've been pretty good about my I My lack of swearing. which is something? I'm trying to work on. I've been pretty good at it so it's been going well. I think we've been doing good overall. Yeah I think we've been doing better better. I don't know a good but better progress house that we're on we're on the path of progress in life right. Hey a couple of things before we get too much into this thing I got a message from gentleman from Brazil. His name is ED quite honestly. Can't remember he left me a a voicemail on instagram and asked if I'd give them a shot at mcgaugh course so this is to Ed from Brazil he. It was a voicemail on instagram. I'm sorry I didn't catch his last name and even if I did. I'm not sure it'd be able to pronounce it again. But Ed from Brazil you know who you are. We're glad tuning in also. Somebody had sent me a message that I thought would be pretty good as we talk today. They said it would be good to know how you and I met. And then what we like best about each other and what we like least about each other and I'm like we're not we're are not married. The wicked hug it out. Maybe afterwards right yeah. That's right so I thought as we get this thing kicked off. Let's do that so I'll give you my perspective perspective and then and then you share yours from there. How's that sound sounds great? So keep an eye met. I think kip. You're introduced through or to the order of podcast cash rather from a mutual friend. Mr Matt Jenkins you. We just heard from him a couple of days to send us both the text and I think your initial reaction to the order man. facebook group was like what in the world is. This this is. I don't need this. I'm Outta here but you did find out if I understand correctly that we had a podcast which you joined the podcast tuned into that then not long. After I joined the Iron Council became a team leader became the right hand man man if you will then we started doing this podcast and here we are. The rest is history. So we've shared that at length. I think before anything you would add to that as far as how we meant no I I I think I listen to that. I don't even remember what the first episode was but I remember listening to the first episode because I thought that facebook group was like something the Matt Adamy too and is like my way of supporting him. So I'm like okay. Asher all join in their neighbor. Yeah all these messages and unlike what the crap crap I'm GonNa unsubscribe because this is too loud too much noise for me and then I happen to see you make a post about a podcast and I thought Oh a podcast. That's cool also. I listened to episode and it only took one I listen to one episode is like this is really good stuff and then I immediately just maybe this his part of my personality but I downloaded them all started from episode one and for like a few weeks I was just pounding through episode so I could catch up up but I wanted to have the history if that made sense and through that process. Learn about Aaron Council from you talk about it in the on the podcast and immediately knew like man. I got to join these guys at the time. You announced the first uprising. And it conflicted with something I wanted to do. It was like Dang it and so price number two obviously joined and yes history right after that. So it's been great man it's been it's been an honor to be a member of the ICU. Let alone to help. Progress the movement forward. So it's been an honor to have you for sure. What do you remember for the very first episode that you listened to by ants? I don't I don't I I know I wish I would've made note of it. You of some sort. But you wouldn't no no you didn't know what you don't also it's not like some but this is back in the day win. You only did the interview shows on Tuesdays right so it was an interview with was someone. I don't remember that interesting. Yeah all right. Well let's get into the second component of this question which is what do you what do you appreciate or admire him. And I'm just paraphrasing here. appreciator Meyer about each other. And what is one thing that maybe I can't remember exactly what he said. Lisa like but that one thing that you would the other a little cities or something like that so try to create a rift is what he I don't think I mean you and I have a pretty good relationship that we haven't pulled pulled punches if something bothers us like it's not really bothering but if there's something like we always been willing to share that with each other so all right so what I like best about hip hip. I really like kipps perspective. I like KIPP that. You're empathetic your very thoughtful. In a way that I am not I tend to be more reactionary versus you. Who is more of a thinker and let's analyze this? Let's figure it out before we jump into conclusion and rush to something. Something that isn't isn't isn't right. Based on the information we have that I really admire and appreciate you about about because again I think it complements. That's what I bring to the table. And there's value in that and it's opened up my perspective and my desire to be more empathetic and understanding of what people are experiencing your instinct without jumping to conclusion rushing to judgment. That's what I would say again. I don't know how to phrase this one thing that just like now again. I don't know how to phrase bugs me or or something I again. I don't know how As I would say at the same time you know our strengths become our weaknesses. So sometimes you want analyze and pore over the data and the information and let's get the numbers and I'm like dude. We don't need the numbers we just need to go. Yes just go go go go go. So it's like that might seem like a cop out but again our strengths. Our weaknesses. So I appreciate your perception. I appreciate. Get Your perspective your thoughtfulness. You really want to know what's going on before you make decisions but at the same time dude. I don't want to know what's going on. I just WANNA go because I tend to be a little bit more. Maybe e rely a little. Bit more intuitively as opposed to thoughtfully. So yeah that's that's that's where I'm at now that's great actually and it's funny because in that same breath those are those are your pro and con as well like the the complete opposite right. I love the fact that you're a man of action like your default behavior is will act figure it out we'll learn through that process of action and and we're not gonNA over to analyze it or whatever and the same breath I subtype sued. We need to think about this a little bit more right because we may like go down a path and go. Oh Oh ship maybe we should. We're talking about swearing hustle. Oh shoot you know maybe we should have thought about that. I because now we implemented something that maybe was ideal. We should attested tested verse. Or you know what I mean trite things out more and so it's a complete cop cop out as well because it's the complete opposite of of you but I think that's that's one of you're traits that I admire in the same breath though you know what I what through this podcast. What I've learned and I it's it's funny because I don't think I admired you for this without the experience of being involved on this podcast and it is your compassion and your drive and clarity in regards to how you see things And and I and I don't think I realized how valuable that is and Detrimental possibly you used the analogy in the past of light yourself on fire people watch and I have my own interpretation. Take what that means when you say that and part of it comes down to been open to people criticising you because the reality of it is once you once you have a strong opinion. It's kind of dangerous. Sure Dennis and it's dangerous on this platform right. I had a friend from from high school. She sent me a message on this podcast and I really thought about. I thought WHOA issue going to agree with me. ISSUE NOT GONNA agree with me and how often we go throughout our lives without a platform. Like this where you keep your opinions to yourself and and people may love you because you keep your opinion to yourself and your opinions not known and it doesn't. That's why they would love you but they don't love you they don't hate you. Yeah but once you have a platform and you're running around with at this is my opinion Bubba Bubba. This how it should be all set any gives everyone the opportunity to go. I disagree and because of this platform it really puts. It's you and me through through helping kind of on this pedestal but on the stage for one to sit back and go I agree I disagree and not only that I don't like you because I disagree. I disagree with that. I don't think we like we had. Someone made a comment the other day on Youtube. He said all been listening to you guys for Lyle Lovett. Not Listening anymore because I disagreed with like a point and I'm like Whoa. Oh that's the world. We live in several. Oh I disagree with one thing about Ryan and then I go. Screw that list now like you're not educated enough. I I like his thought process. I don't disagree. I don't agree with him here but but I still like what I hear on muscle going to grow from it. We can't do that. Yeah it's weird. It's really really weird. I had a guy emailed me the other day in fact and he said man. I really love your podcast. Loved you guys stand for and what you do but you have this one particular guest on and I don't like this guy. I had an an experience with him and etc etc.. And so it's going to take off for me to listen to your podcast again and I don't know if he was expecting an apology or a police come back like let me beg you to come listen to my podcast but I simply said hey look man like we do our best to that guys. I know the people. Do we have honor at times controversial. You're not going to dig everybody but if you honestly can't listen to the podcast because you happen to disagree a you're not like one guest. I don't know what to tell you man like I'm not here to beg for your attention or to listen to the shows like do do but I I mean this is a little ridiculous. Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater. But you know why that is is because we have this completely unparalleled hello level of access to information on demand so I actually made this analogy with with my guess yesterday Scott Adams and the analogy used as do you remember like when you and I were growing up we had tapes right. That's how we listen to music tapes and so we'd have to put. Yes it mix tapes. It's right man so we'd have to put the tape in and then we'd have to listen to everything because it was kind of a pain in the butt. have to fast forward to the one song. If you really take advantage you would have the tape player that would know when there's a blank spot in a guy in. Yeah so we had these..

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