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Welcome to this week's episode this zere host Kristin. I'm so happy or tuning in to get inspired to try something new. This week I have my guest. Dino what be joining me remotely which would have happened anyway since we don't live in the same city but also very appropriate since we're all quarantine due to Kovic. Nineteen Dana is a fellow graduate of the PODCAST. Pro Course that we took together. I think we were actually part of the first cohort But Dana is a podcast host. Herself she hosts the soul rising. Podcast you can find. Meditations and heart centered soulful interviews on. Daynuss podcast and were also doing a little swap. So you'll find my interview with Dana there as well but as always. I love my guests to introduce themselves so Dana. Welcome I'd love for you to tell the listeners more about you yeah thank you so much for having me Kristen. This is really fun to kind of be on the other side of the Mike interviewed when you interview. Someone often But Yeah My name is Dana Whitby As Kristen said I am the host of the soul rising podcasts which I think we'll get into a little bit later about how that came to be But I'm also a former school counselor so I used to work with middle school kids Before staying home with my own children I have a seven year old son and a three year old daughter and so I like to tell people that I am. Mostly stay at home. Mom But I currently do grief counseling with kids. Kind of on the side. I squeeze it in during the preschool hours so I do very specific grief counseling with kids. Who have lost someone that they love But I'm also certified in a couple of other things I'm certified in rocky just through level one and I am also certified in hypnosis and regression therapy so I was trained in regression hypnotherapy a couple of years ago and I don't do either of those the rookie or the regression hypnotherapy fulltime. But it's Kinda something fun that I like to Dabble in and do with friends and family and honestly do for myself so Yeah that's a little bit about me. Awesome things so much Dana and you are a perfect guest because not only are you a host but I would say you're an expert in many things. You know supermom if you well you know juggling money money hats so I'm curious like with wearing so many hats. What kind of came I like? Is there a clear journey from being a former school? Counselor going into being a grief counselor on like you know throwing and Rakia hypnosis in your podcast like is. Was there a clear path? Did you have some type of goal in mind or did things just kind of unfold like that naturally? Yeah that's a really good question So this all ties into kind of my spiritual awakening so I was a school counselor for several years before I got pregnant with my first child and I was nine months pregnant when my husband got a job in Charleston South Carolina we lived in Charlotte North Carolina at the time so we were about to move four hours away from all of our family. All of our friends and I decided well we decide together the Boston relationships but we decided together that I would stay home with our son after he was born so Becoming a stay at home mom was honestly a dream for me. I mean I went through undergraduate. I got a graduate degree like I have some higher education but really my goal was always to stay home with my kids So I was so excited for this life change and when I had my son it rocked my world more than I ever anticipated. It would And I was going through my Saturn return. Which if you are familiar with astrology you might know that this is the time when Saturn who is hard teacher planet. He likes to shake things up in. Have you learned some hard lessons? He returns to the exact spot that he was in. When you were born and it just really brings up old patterns an old ways of being and this coincided exactly at the time when I became a mother And it dredged up a lot of pain from my childhood and I really kind of got on this kick of wanting to heal myself and that was when I really started meditating It's when I start having trouble in my marriage too and so I turned to some alternative things to try to feel better. So I was meditating But I really felt like there had to be more. There was something I like. Dig My teeth into things that I could actually do And so I really started kind of going on this spiritual quest. I was reading things and eventually I went to a medium and a lot of people think of mediums as someone who only connects to people who have passed. But I knew enough from reading my spiritual books that there were people who could connect to spirit guides and I just wanted some direction like was I meant to always be a stay at home. Mom was I meant to go back to work well and when I did what did that. Look like because to be honest. I didn't love working in schools. I wanted to really make an impact and sometimes in a school. You don't have enough time to really work with a child to see enough Progression so anyway I went to this medium and She basically took me to church and was like you have spiritual abilities that you are not using and pretty much. Everyone does we all. Don't use them to our full extent so she wasn't necessarily saying that I was special but she was telling me that I was really dragging my feet and not doing with my life what I could be doing. So that was very helpful and like shaking me up and Making me look even deeper. So that was when I began to explore ricky an honestly the when I decided to get trained in ricky was to do it on myself and I was doing it on myself and I still do when I need it. and same with regression hypnotherapy. It was for me I wanted to go on a voyage of my own soul and be able to step into this stuff and so the sounds Kinda selfish but all of this has been kind of an effort to self heal and in doing that once. I experienced it for myself. I'm able to pass that on to help people and to kind of show them something from a different perspective which is then why chose to start my podcast. Because I knew I was learning enough from all of these things that I wanted to share it in some way and I was feeling like blogs are kind of outdated and so I decided to jump on the podcast train so Yeah here I am kind of doing this. Podcast and really try to focus on talking about healing subjects in ways that we can heal alternative healing methods. Because we all need that. I mean I just truly believe that the reason we are here on earth is to heal this stuff and to make amends with one another and to love one another and to let go of old ways of being that no longer service and now is the time really think our society is ready. I couldn't agree more and I think you know at the time of this recording with you know cove ed you know I do. I can sway in the Wu side and I've definitely acknowledged like yeah. This is the year of awakening. So yeah I think it's good timing that we're recording but day. Not Thank you so much for sharing your story And being so open and honest there are just so many points where I was like. Yes yes yes One when you mentioned your Saturn Return. I don't think I'm heading mine until twenty twenty one but I'm like so scared like I feel like that's also subconsciously why I am interested in so many things related to healing because I want to put myself in like the best position possible so when I do hit my Saturn Return. It's not like my whole world flipped upside down but I'm sure there will be some things that come to a halt for me any no. I think I didn't even know about my Saturn return leg. I didn't know that was a thing when I was going through my returned so I think just the fact that you have. This awareness of it is going to be so exponentially helpful you know. Just the awareness in itself so another point that you made which I was like. Wait I wanNA correct day. No when you brought up Not In Nevada way but when you talk about your healing modalities and how you mentioned the word selfish which I feel like when we talk about things like self care and all of that. It's not selfish because we need to fill up our own cup before we show up for others so I can see why there may be some feelings of selfishness by Especially you know with you being a mom. I can't personally relate to that but I think that is so cool that you know you really took responsibility for your own healing so that you could show up butter for your loved ones yet. You're exactly right. It is not selfish at all and I like to make a joke of that but it you're right I mean it. It is not selfish because it really benefits everyone but yet it was hard for me at first Being a mom to feel okay with taking time away I was very lucky when I trained for hypnotherapy in regression Because the person who trained to his name is Peter Woodbury and he works for the Edgar. Casey A. R. E. And this was the first time he ever taken on personal clients to train them normally. He does it in like a big weekend long setting and he trained myself and the medium that I originally went to see that I mentioned she and I became friends and so we went and got trained together and I was away for a weekend. Doing that You know so. There's been a lot of time away from my kids to do this but I you know. I think we all have stories from our childhood. No one gets out of it totally unscathed even if you've had a good growing up. Everyone experiences things that are hard and I just want to lessen that for my kids I want them to grow up with a mom who is self aware and takes care of herself and I just I believe that healing some of this stuff and stopping. Some of these old patterns from repeating themselves is of the utmost importance what what else is more important than healing relationships. You know absolutely yeah. I feel like on paper. I know my parents. Did you know a great job but little things come up where I'm like? Whoa that's a little A little weird and I feel like there's some healing in in my childhood. Even though I'm like no I you know overall. I think my parents did a fantastic job. I feel like there are certain things where like I'm at a point where I haven't really taken a hard look at certain situations or things that have happened. And maybe that's a sign that before my Saturn return comes. I should really. I should really look back at my childhood..

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