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Things be be true to yourself is that something that you instill now in your players and you're coaching staff yeah well that's part of it the biggest thing i try to help with the players with his you know they can't become who they are you know i am a football player if your identity is only in what you do whether it's being a coach or whether it's you know being a banker a doctor a football player whatever it is you know when that sooner or later that's gonna give way puts your faith in something that you cannot lose which you know in my in my opinion is his salvation through jesus christ but you know you can lose your job you you could lose your ability to play football you could lose you know god forbid you lose your wife or a family member i mean but so if you put all your faith in those things and then it's a dangerous place to be you know make sure that your identity is not just in what you do make sure you're a wellrounded person and uh you know we do things that the community we work hard on school we work on the things that when football's over these guys got a chance and in the end we gotta you network that we have put together what we're getting guys jobs and we're up to five or six former players kitten jobs around here it's really been great that's awesome margaret head coach the team's he's got number three notre dame he is number seven miami uh and is on abc herpes on the call coach as being a child of the 80s love this seeing and you're up brawl with this i love the seeing miami and no redeeming in the top ten and is ready to go at it what is a disgrace you played in this robbery you've lived it it's back what is it about notre dame in miami for people who didn't grow up in the 80s and 90s that makes this saying there's just so special.

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