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Alongside 11 year. National Hockey League veteran Brian Hayward back a capital one arena in Washington, D. C. Set to begin in the third period of Game one between the Washington Capitals and Boston Bruins tied it to Brian. No. One named Ovechkin, Martian Bergeron or pasta Knock has found the back of the Net. How important is secondary scoring this time of year? Well, I think the score sheet says it all. Right now. I mean, this is, uh, real tough. Feisty blood and guts type of game and it's not about skill. It's about well, it's about getting the right spot at the right time. It has been fun to watch and write off the face off Sherry bus into the Boston Zone, but has it taken back? My Bergeron. We thought Alexandrovich can it scored in the second, but they changed the goal. They've given it to Brendan Dillon. So the goal scores are Tom Wilson and Brendan Dillon for Washington. Jake Nebraskan. Nik Richie for Boston were tied it too. And the third period underway. Rask steers aside a sharp angle bit off the boards from Dmitry Orlov is Washington goes to work. In the Boston zone. Sherry trying to cut in and back and one is he spun with the past couldn't get it to the net, but keeps it alive. High in the zone and out, ships it down low for Michael Raffl. He puts it on the side of the net. It's frozen there. By two caressed Michael Raffl came over at the trade deadline from the Philadelphia Flyers. You don't see a lot of deals, Brian Hayward between the caps and Flyers. But he has added a bit of physicality to this Washington team as if they needed it. And earlier today, Peter Laviolette was talking about the job that Michael Raffl does defensively. The Capitals have been known as a team that has to score 34 goals in the past in order to win Down the stretch this year. They had a lot of games that were like to one games, and now they let thinks that that has prepared them better heading into the postseason this year. Cap, scored six goals in their last three games and won two of them 2 to 1. Including the season finale here on Tuesday of this week against the Bruins. And it was raffle, who scored with three seconds left in that game to give the capital's their final margin of victory. Now. Manta, who assisted on the second period goal by Dylan at center gets it to Ovechkin, who plays it across the blue line into the Boston zone. Capitals going right toe left in this third period as the Bruins try to defend in their own zone. Schultz comes in three players fall on the ice and the puck Doug off the boards. Ovechkin wires. One wide boy, Dylan, the defenseman. Was trying to screen Rask and Brian. I don't know if he saw that puck. I don't think to harass sought. I think Brandon deal is just thankful it didn't hit him because Ovechkin just hammered it from just inside the blue line. Eller gets it to Wilson inside the line, his long wrist shot kicked out by Rask. Washington, Making a push here to begin the third period tied it two in game 12 minutes into the third pop pops in front of that old Taylor Hall, mishandled it in a bounce right through the blue. Bye, Ciara. The LIFEPOINT is Washington continues toe come up with loose pox and Jensen activated off the.

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