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Matters and children. His son is wandering on stage. Yeah. That's what why they're laughing. Because so many of our neighbors of lost. There's together let us build a house stronger than the coming storm. This is second Mr. symbolic every time he walks in houses every time he speaks. I don't understand what he's talking. I don't either. I have no idea. What that was. I mean, it's a protester made more sense, right? I don't even have an opinion on that thought provoking in any way. He just speaks in these weird poetic cliches yet. Well, he's fun to school of thought that he really wants to make an impression into history he has to speak like he's writing a book. What? But what does that mean, we we built our? Arrive. I it was Iraq. Then it was a house. What was the rock? I what the rock is California's Iraq, I guess, but what's that a metaphor for the rock is able you call someone a rock, I guess, it's stable. Nobody said we we. I start to start that again Klay. Could you just start it again? I'm. Eight years, California has built a foundation of rock. Our job now is not to rest on that foundation. It's the build our house upon it right now, I understand he's referring to Jerry Brown's eight years stabilizing the state from the financial crisis. You're good at this. I think that's what that means. Because otherwise, the eight years gave you the tip off a little nod towards Jerry Brown. You're the official interpreter. I'll try all right. We'll we'll play more of Gavin Newsom. We will victory rather is an operation speech. We'll just play one. No, you're not gonna make this Milwaukee. He got to play the one that is a shout out to those. If you wanted to repeal the gas tax. That's what we think we'll play that one. It's it's phony. But we'll play in any way coming up. John and Ken KFI. Debra.

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