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A great team and it's Vancouver the mountains are here you can ski there's Ocean forget about Calgary so of course, I chatted with Hammond instead of going to go to Calgary, meds will go to ub see. So the HD two for five years for years two, thousand, nine to two, thousand, fourteen, five years. So sorry for myself included the May not understand for you to get grant money of eighty thousand does that cover even your personal expenses and everything that you need for those years? Living in the province of Columbia Vancouver specifically absolutely not. You're looking at right of don't know. When I first moved there I think it was eleven, hundred dollars a month for rent. So how do you? How do you manage that? What are you able to do on the side or apply for more? SMART works. That works you also accrue a bit student loans that you hope that you're going to get a good job to pay off later. Luckily for me Pandit that way that I got the good job later, but jobs aren't easy to get Nakajima and they're getting harder and harder. So I was really fortunate. Get the job I have. Now, how long did you stay NBC? I stayed there until two thousand, fourteen k then and then I started a post doc. So. A POST DOC is such a weird phase in your life because you're not a student and you're not an employee. So you're Kinda like this freelance researcher, which is fun because you have a lot of freedom and flexibility of where to go and I was invited to do one year at university level, which is really funny because I don't speak French. But I had a colleague here Francois Botha who's still a mentor and a really close colleague today. And I worked with him since. We worked on the same team when I did my masters, he was doing his post doc Talk, to each other for some years and then when I did my PhD I invited him to be on my supervisory committee..

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