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An unsolicited takeover offer from an investment firm back in February. So I'm a little concerned about where Laura Ashley may be headed. And if this company is gonna survive. This does not look good. And honestly, I had forgotten that Laura actually still existed. Yeah. It's one of those brands that when you see it. It's so recognizable. Yeah. Oh, yeah, we've been talking about it in my family a lot. Actually, because when I thirteen I guess, a repaint my room and decorate and I had a head to toe lar- Ashley room ceiling, the floor side to side and the curtains still exist from that room. And I know this because my mother got them out the other day. What was the color story of those curtains, purple, the whole, the whole room was lavender, a walls, relavent her the bed sat was lavender. The with that floral print that is so recognizable. The curtains were lavender sheers that went all the way down on the floor. The only problem was, we weren't going to replace the carpet because that's a pretty big expenditure. So I had all that lavender and some pink carpet. I wasn't up pink combat team. So it was rough going for a couple of years. I do love how feminine it is. I do. I hope they're able to pull something out. I really do. So if I'm remembering correctly, Laura. Ashley, the company does not currently still make clothes. I think they ju just furnishings. I was on there. I was on the dockside recently. Because I was looking I was just trying to remember what they were doing. They, they do clothing. Yeah. I'm looking at some floral print dresses right now. Do they look modern? I think the cuts are modern. I'm looking at a very beautiful yellow and white sheath, dress right now it's one hundred fifty eight dollars. It's made from linen blend. It's something I definitely would wear. I just have this time capsule image of Laura Ashley dresses in my head. Probably because whenever I find them through stores. It's like that early eighties. Prairie dress kind of vibe. I think that's part of it too. There's so much that can be thrift it from this company that is vintage that some of it works, and some of it is very much feels like of the time, but all the fabric seems to have held up like a champ for some reason flowers. Don't die those curtains, those curtains, are still kicking are actually, you know, that's along the same the same theme here of missed out. I wonder why everybody's so. Oh nostalgic. All the sudden because everything is terrible and going up in flames. That would do it that there's comfort and thinking back and being like, oh wasn't it? So great. I don't really know if it really was great. But maybe there's some solace in it somewhere. Probably just felt great because we weren't on the internet all day. To watch it all burn out the next day. Anyway, I'll take those problems to be. Nope. Don't really have a transition away from the nostalgia, but I have this blunt Siaga is going to offer full for your scholarships to two students at the Pratt institute..

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