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Does this look for matter to you? A us because everyone on the internet with. What did I buy this? This was the stupidest waste of my money. I've had in years far Sali rose gold elixir. This was one hundred percent and Instagram. Got me moment. It's full Deanna. I use it one time. This is garbage. The first ingredient is water. It's you're paying for the packaging and the brand and Instagram influence her I'm done. Fuck you for Solly your garbage your trendy. I will never in my life by another shitty thing. This some gorgeous influence or was paid to tell me to buy. It's garbage angry at myself Sukro this fucking. With this garbage. I could've bought two Lally beauties for this shit. It's full. I I saw this in my cat and my makeup and got angry. So I had to bring it. I'm done by trendy garbage. I'm done. For q another big moment of twenty eight teen was the magnetic lashes. Oh, yeah. Fuck magnetic ashes don't now. Listen, I talked about them. I said they were garbage there. Some honeys face group ruling made a work and really like them. But then there is a good amount of people who agreed with me that their garbage fuck magnetic eyelashes. This company is so expensive one to lash. This is our garbage. Now, if you really want to try them are Dell makes them for like, twenty bucks. These are like sixty oh, I can't get them to work. I can't do it. If you're a goddamn Houdini, and you got him to work for you on proud of you, honestly. But fuck man, she's that trend is out. It did not make it for me food. Done with you. You are done twenty nineteen we're using last like grown-ups. So that obviously upset me clearly the other one this one I'm not as impassioned about. To face better than sex mascara comes up on all the time. I see it all over the internet to and I was at alter the other day and a woman asked the employees. Hey, what's the best mess CARA in this whole store? And I heard her tell her better than sex mascara and a lot of people love it. I got one I got the waterproof one. Because as we've addressed I feel like my Meskher ends up halfway down my face by the end of the day. I got one and I was not pleased with it. It did not give me any extra volume. It was clumpy. It took forever to dry and it ended up all over my fucking face. Even though it was waterproof. So I'm put it on my boo list of twenty eighteen I know a lot of these like a lot of these like the brand to face to face sent me a package of stuff. Thank you for sending me it. But I did not like not like the mess care. I'm gonna keep it real one hundred with the hunters. Like, I always do. I keep it real. I don't lie you free shit. Some of it might be. And I'm telling you right now faced. One Johnson and mascara did not work for me. Thank you for sending it. But I don't like it sanded up still being just as impassioned I feel and they still got a free add no presses bad press. Okay. As loss. I washed my asshole out with their milky jelly cleanser half of the honeys bought the cleanser out of curiosity so two faced maybe I'll stick your mess care out, my Thuat, why not I'm definitely not going to. Okay. I mean for the best. I don't think is. Never ever ever do that. Okay. But I'm just saying I'm sorry to face. I did not like that. No, sir. Adult like it. And you know what? Those are my favorite of the year. Oh, wait one last thing. Pull on I some of them. I don't physically have. So I'm going to run through the list. I have right here. Where is it? Okay. There's three the my shell perfect. See cleansing oil. I got into oil cleansing this year. I think it was mainly when Aaron Gibson was on in March. I'm sorry in February. When I did it all couples February and her and Bryan Safi were here, she she just uses like olive oil from Amazon, it's an oil cleanse, you don't have to get fancy with it. My favorite one..

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